1/700 JMSDF DDH 183 Izumo Full Hull Limited Edition
Reviewed October 2017
by Randall Shoker

JS Izumo (DDH-183) is a helicopter destroyer and the is lead ship in the Izumo class of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). She is the second warship to be named for Izumo Province, with the previous ship being the long serving armored cruiser IJN Izumo (1898-1945).

The Izumo class are the largest Japanese naval vessels built since WWII, and the Izumo went from keel laying to commissioning in just a little over two years. While they somewhat resemble the US Navy’s Wasp class of helicopter carriers there are a few major differences. The Izumo class does not have a well deck for launching landing craft, and is not set up to handle STOVL (short take-off and vertical landing ) aircraft. The Izumo does have a full AGEIS combat system, and her GE gas turbines can drive her at 30kts, vs the Wasp’s steam turbine driven 22. I would say the Izumo class is the most modern helicopter carrier* destroyer in the world, except for the lack of STVOL aircraft.  Interestingly enough, Izumo was rumored to have the ability to deploy the V-22 Osprey, yet there has been no confirmation of this fact. Yet the US Marines practiced landing Ospreys on Izumo in July, and Hasagawa has included them in this kit. Many believe that will a little modification she could not only carry Ospreys but also the F-35B, the STOVL version of the F35 lighting.

The legacy kit maker Hasagawa has done a great job with this kit, and they continue to step their game up in the face of stiff competition. This is a “limited edition” full hull special. The Kit contains 12 sprues of parts, all molded in grey except the lower hull fret molded in red. An extensive set of photo etch parts and decals is included. A nice added touch is a wooded display base with a brass nameplate. The instructions are well done in typical Hasagawa fashion. A nice touch is a photo-etch position sheet done with full size drawings showing exact placement.

*Izumo is called a destroyer and not a carrier because the Japanese constitution forbids offensive weapons but this vessel allows Japan to project military power well beyond its territorial waters. This is probably a wise move, because her sister is named Kaga. And if Japan deployed a carrier named Kaga it might cause widespread panic throughout the pacific. But a destroyer named Kaga is fine, even if it is deploying F-35s…

Sprue A
Contains the nicely detail deck, with the tie downs crisply molded in, ships boats and mainmast Izumo-SprueA
Izumo-SprueAa Izumo-SprueAb Izumo-SprueAc
Sprue B
Contains the base for a waterline model, the elevators, the hanger door, and the bow and stern plate. The stern has pre- molded stairs which would be easy enough to replace with photo etch is a modeler desired. Izumo-SprueB
Izumo-SprueBa Izumo-SprueBb
Sprue C
Contains the starboard side of the hull and various catwalks. The hull detailing is nicely done. Izumo-SprueC
Izumo-SprueCa Izumo-SprueCb Izumo-SprueCc Izumo-SprueCd
Sprue D
Contains the Port side. Izumo-SprueD
Izumo-SprueDa Izumo-SprueDb Izumo-SprueDc Izumo-SprueDd
Sprue E
Contains the parts for the Island and is fairly detailed. Again there are “Aztec” stairs, but Hasagawa knows their market and modelers who do not yet do photo etch most likely like this detail, I know I did as a kid. The rest of us can upgrade with photo etch, although this will be a little harder conversion than the stern. The bow and stern bridge windows are very nicely done. Izumo-SprueE
Izumo-SprueEa Izumo-SprueEb Izumo-SprueEc Izumo-SprueEd
Izumo-SprueEe Izumo-SprueEf Izumo-SprueEg
Sprue F
Contains various sensors and other minor details. Izumo-SprueEh
Sprue G
Contains the internal hull bracing. Izumo-SprueG
Sprue J (X 2)
Contains the V22 Osprey’s and deck equipment.  These two sprue give you a total of 2 Osprey and plenty of highly deck vehicles, which are tiny masterpieces on their own. Izumo-SprueJ
Izumo-SprueJa Izumo-SprueJb
Sprue K (X 2)
Contains the MCH-101s and SH-60Ks. One of each kind giving you a total of 4 aircraft. Like the Osprey, they can be built in flight ready or “folded” position. The MCH-101s and SH-60Ks benefit greatly from the included photo-etch. Which includes enough photo etch for three sets of aircraft, not the two included in the kits. If you want more aircraft, Hasagawa set QG54 contains not only two each of the Helicopters, but 2 V-22 Ospreys as well. Izumo-SprueK
Izumo-SprueKa Izumo-SprueKb Izumo-SprueKc
Sprue Q
Contains the Re molded full hull special pieces, as well as the model stands to be attached to the included wooden base. The bilge keels are very thin and well done. Izumo-SprueQ
Izumo-SprueQa Izumo-SprueQb Izumo-SprueQc
These seem fairly complete and if they are up to Hasagawa’ s usual standard they will be easy to work with and be durable. A nice touch were the draft decals, just visible in the inverted photo -- done so you could see the white decals – almost invisible in the 1st photo.
Decals-01 Decals-02
Wooden Base & Nameplate
The included wooden base also has a brass nameplate. Nice touch. The ships bases on visible on the red sprue. This make for a nice complete kit. My 8 year self would have had this built out of the box and on my book shelf in an afternoon, and it would have looked ok straight from the box. Izumo-Base-01
Photo Etch.
This set will make the aircraft stand out, as nothing improves 1/700 aircraft more than thin rotors. The photo etch set is complete, the only thing I would add are ships ladders to replace the Aztec stairs on the kit. The photo etch placement instructions are probably the best I have seen, large and very clear. Izumo-PE-01
The instructions are printed in black and white on the front and back on one large 11.75 by 28 sheet. They are in both Japanese and English. Well laid out and in logical order, they should make assembly a breeze for both novice and experienced builder alike. 

The Photo Etch Instructions (right image) are printed in both Japanese and English on one side of a very large, too big to put on the scanner, 14.5 by 20 inch sheet. Also in black and white, they are actual size, making it very easy to see how the PE is to be placed and where. I like this feature. 

Izumo-Page-01 Izumo-Page-02 Izumo-Page-03 Izumo-Page-04
Izumo-Page-05 Izumo-Page-06 Izumo-Page-07 Izumo-Page-08

All in all a great kit, Hasagawa continues to deliver. You will not be disappointed, this is a well-engineered and thought out kit. I cannot speak to scale accuracy as I could not find consistent data on the real ship, but then I am not too worried about it coming from Hasagawa. Highly recommended.

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