Pit-Road 1/700
IJN Torpedo Cruiser Kitakami
Box Art
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Japanese converted a couple of their light cruisers to be used as Torpedo Cruisers. The Kitakami was one such ship with a potent array of 10 torpedo launchers located amidships. With the deadly sucess of the Japanese torpedo, this could have been a formidable weapon, but advances in carrier avaition doomed it's use. The Kitakami was later converted to a transport.
The hull is well detailed with  lots of sharp well defined features. Most of the superstructure is molded to the hull and has little side detailing, so a good set of photo etch doors and hatches is a must. 
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The weapons are the typical sharp Pit-Road quality and even the funnel grills look nice. 

The decal sheet includes flags and ship markings. They are well registed.

The instructions are good, consisting of a little history and several exploded views showing the various subassemblies. It is straight forward and easy to follow.
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Typical of the water line series of kits this one has a painting guide on the back of the box with color numbers for the Pitroad and Guze Sangyo line of paints. The art work is pretty detailed and includes rigging. 

This is a nice kit for anyone wanting to build an IJN Torpedo Cruiser. It is identical to kit #46 the IJN Oi. Add a some PE rails and rigging and you have a real nice representation of one of Japan's best class of destroyers. This is kit #W47 and has a current retail of  $28.00 US.

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