building the Yamato in 1/200 scale by Bill Waldorf
By Bill Waldorf
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Hello out there again fellow modelers. In Pt. 2 of this series I discussed the Superstructure of the ship.Having had the hull nearly complete and the superstructure built,It was time for paintwork and to join the two sections together.In this final section we will see how things have turned out. I must say I had fun building this kit albeit a little pricey. With the right reference materials and a few added parts the Nichimo kit builds into a nice display piece.Big, too.If you decide to tackle it, good luck! I am always available for questions or comments. Lets move on to the photos.
A nice 3/4 view of the port side. Note weathering on the hull. I tried to do this rather subtle as I did not want to over do it. Yamato was not badly weathered. Also note the display base. Made from oak. The battery box and switch for the turrent tuning gear are located underneath the base. click images
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A shot of  the main gun director. I scratchbuilt this as the one in the kit is incorrect.Also you can see the binoculars on the air defence platform just below the gun director, also scratchbuilt.
A shot of the fwd bridge area.Note rigging. The signal flag halyards were a bit tricky. The rigging line is from Model Shipways,Hollywood, Fla. I used black at .008". This line is available in different sizes and colors and is great stuff. Much better than regular thread.
A good shot of the Pt. side superstructure, midships.Note the two large searchlights on the side of the funnel. These are a bit large scalewise, but they light up as the turrents move. Japanese flag from LH Dockyard. Also note details on the boom just below the superstructure. The lines were made from stretched plastic sprue.
Same area of the ship only from stb. side in this shot. Note the barrel stops for the guns. These are made from thin steel wire, supplied in the kit.
Another shot of the superstructure from pt. side and slightly aft. Again note rigging.The mainmast is a real challange to get correct. It is a real delicate part in 4 pieces and must be assembled and mounted with great care. You don't want to break this.I replaced the cross bracing between the two mainmast parts with steel wire to give more support and
rigidity. Important when you get into rigging this area.
Stb. side view from aft.You can see the large searchlites here a little better. The lenses are clear plastic, supplied in the kit.
Stb. side midships. Note the 18" turrents and main gun director are in the turned position.
One of my favorite shots here. Stb. side midships looking fwd. Again note the boom assy. on the side of the hull. You can see the added details here a little better.

Port side looking aft. Note the color in this shot. The lighting was a little different in the room. Also note the wood deck is probably not the correct color. It should be a little more yellow and slightly greyish. I like this color better just for the visual effect albeit a little too teakish. Yamatos deck was made from Cypruss and is rather bland looking. I felt the teak color a bit more appealing. 

Port side main 18" guns in the turned position. Note blast bags on gun barrels.Made from bedsheet cotton.
The two fwd. main 18" guns. You can see the blastbags a little better here. Probably a little overdone. I could not figure out a good way to do these other than real cloth. Note details on breakwater. The white markings you can see on the deck were used to help guage the ships heading at night.
Another 3/4 view from port looking aft.
A good shot of the catapault/hanger deck area. The aircraft are little kits in themselves.I added a few more details to them and made the decals. The ones in the kit are junk so throw them away.As soon as they hit water they disintegrate,probably too old. Loren Perrys photo etch kit really helps out here as you can see.
Port side view of the stern. Again notice small details added to the aircraft and the photo-etch stuff.
Stb. side view of the stern deck areas. Note that I have opened up the hanger area so that the elevator is in the down position. Note props have been added. I handpainted the lettering on the stern. Again the decal was no good. I don't write Japanese very well!
Stb. side view of the boat hanger deck. I have opened this up also and added the boat coming out of it.
Port side view. A little too dark of a photo but you get the idea. Yamato is a little over 51" long when completed.
Well thats it folks. Hope you all enjoyed the photos.  As I said I hade fun building the Nichimo version of the great ship.I spent a little over 7 months on consruction and about $600.00.A bit on the pricey side but worth it in the end I think. Thanks to the following:  Thanks to Tim Dike and this website also for letting me share this with all of you!  Stay tuned. Another project in the works. So long for now and Happy Modeling!!! Bill Waldorf  E-mail--

Editors note: Thanks to Bill for sharing his latest projext with us. Bill will be checking in on the message board for any questions you may have.

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