Airfix 1/600 Scale HMS Suffolk
Review by Ian Wilkins

You can see this model in the Photo Gallery

This quite elderly kit is rumoured soon to be withdrawn so if your interested in County Class cruisers you'd best be quick! The kit is quite elderly but all the necessaries are there to build a nice model. This kit can also provide a lot of components for conversion projects to other County class vessels (HMAS Canberra and HMAS Australia spring to mind) and even scratch build projects. The kit itself is largely OK though not highly detailed. The basic proportions are there but some parts really do need some modifications and these are outlined in the HMS Cumberland conversion article on this site. Things to look out for are the odd placement of the propellor shafts on the hull (you'll need to experiment with it), the indistinct bow knuckle, the the poor representation of the hull bulges, and the totally incorrect part 83 (modify as per Cumberland). On the plus side parts fit is good, the main and secondary armmament is well done, and its the only plastic model of this class of ship. I found it very enjoyable to make and its low price encouraged me to make lots of detail enhancements.

Hull halves & deck sections

Other part sprues