HMS Revenge vs Soviet Victor III

Reviewed by Francis Cho
This kit features HMS Revenge  SSBN (UK) and a Soviet Victor III class SSN. Included as well are a sprue for 3 helicopters : 1 Sea King, 1 Lynx and 1 Seasprite. 

The box contains 2 sprues : one per submarine and 2 sprues for the aircraft. Also included : a decal sheet and the construction sheet.

Here, again, the top of missile compartment is separated on the Revenge. The fit remains to be tested. It seems to be the crucial part of the kit.  There is the option to display one missile out of the launch tube, the Polaris missile being very basic. The number of blades on this sub is hypothetical. A display stand is included.

The Victor seems quite accurate. It remains to be checked but when the kit was released a lot of informations were already available about this sub. It is the only Victor kit at this scale. Screw blade number is also probably wrong. Display stand is included. 

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On a separate sprue, 4 helicopters are included: 2 Seasprite and 2 Lynxes.

The Lynxes seem very good but the Seasprite have a short tail boom, probably too short... The panel lines are a bit heavy, a coat of Mr Surfacer will improve this. The other issue is the rotors. Photo etch will be welcomed, I don't know a supplier but I am sure we can find some.

Four display stands are also included. I think some brass rods as those provided in the Tamiya Prince Of Wales kit would provide a better appearance.

The decal sheet provided is very extensive for a 1/700 kit. They are a
perfect addition to detail the sub and the aircrafts.
The 2 pages construction sheet shows that for the subs only 2 steps are required.
Assembly is very straightforward. Colors called are difficult to check. Only for the Revenge is a mix proposed. I am sure other paint manufacturers can propose the perfect match.
Obviously the assembly seems very easy, the crucial step being avoiding the gap between the two hulls. Painting process should also be taken into account a an important part.

I am looking forward building this kit, hopefully this kit will be re released very soon. I am sure the demand does exist.  These Dragon kits (probably Skywave molds) are a good basis to start a sub series.