Atlantic Models 1/350
HMS Peacock

Reviewed by Sean Hert
June 2012

The Peacock class warships were designed specifically to provide an ocean going backup for the Marine Department of the Hong Kong Police. Originally a class of five vessels, most of the cost building and maintenance was born by the Hong Kong Government. These ships were designed for tropical duty, being fully air conditioned and capable of riding out a typhoon.

Three of these corvettes entered service with the Hong Kong Squadron in the 1983-4, but in 1997 when Hong Kong was ceded back to mainland China, were henceforth sold to the Philippine Navy. Two other members of the class were also sold to the Irish Navy in 1988.

Many modelers are familiar with "Mad" Peter Hall from White Ensign Models. Pete has branched out from his day job, and has created his own Atlantic Models, catering to a more esoteric market. This kit of Peacock is the first full kit offered by Atlantic Models.


Anyone who is familiar with White Ensign kits will recognize the layout of this kit. This full hull model comes split down the waterline, with minimal casting sprue leftovers. The hull halves line up nicely, and appear to match the dimensions listed on the box.

The hull has a nice, continuous curve up to the bow, and has a lightly-scored outline amidships to aid in placement of the superstructure. Many of the fittings are in place, including the life raft canisters and part of the base for the Oto Melara 76mm.

The lower hull has bilge keels and shaft skegs cast in place, and this part is crisply cast and looks good.


The superstructure part has been cast with sloped bottom, in an attempt to match the rise of the deck on Peacock. The curves aren't a perfect match, so some careful clamping or hot water treatment may be needed to aid assembly. This part has various vents and bulkhead openings cast on, but the watertight doors are blank; there are photoetch faces to be attached. The vents have fine pattern details molded in as well, which didn't photograph very well.

The bridge assembly is also well done, and the delicate antenna mount on the forward port corner is suprisingly sturdy. There are very fine bridge windows on the front face, and angled plate supports underneath. This part also displays some very minor flash/overpour, but this is nothing to worry about; most of it fell free during handling, and will require little if any cleanup.


Atlantic includes ten white metal parts, a material seen with older styles of resin kits. As typically found with this material, the surface of these parts is somewhat rough, and long, thin parts- the 76mm gun barrel in particular- may arrive bent. Many modelers dislike white metal parts, but while a resin barrel would in some cases likely break, you can attempt to re-align the white metal part.

Almost all these white metal parts will be detailed-up with photoetch, improving their plain appearances. The 76mm Oto Melara and RHIB (rigid-hulled inflatable boat) parts have been around awhile (they appear to be the White Ensign ones); the RHIB's are acceptable, but the 76mm is minor let down. (It is a continuing point of consternation why that this virtually ubiquitous gun mount [used by 50+ navies] is so difficult to model accurately.)

The gun director and windlass will need some cleanup; be careful not to remove detail, nor any flesh and blood, while carving on these small parts!

Metal Parts

18' RHIB

Boat Crane


Prop Shaft Support "A" frame

Windlass and Gun Director

76mm Oto Melera

76mm Oto Melera

There is a single fret of photoetch included, covering all the normal details expected of a kit of this caliber. With over 50 relief-etched parts, these details are the hallmark of a great kit.

All of the expected details are here; pre-shaped railings, plenty of ladders, mast lattices, hose and cable reels, etc. The unexpected details to be provided in photoetch were the twin rudders and signal flag storage.


There are no decals included in this kit. Atlantic Models recommends Hawk Graphics's set D3506, Modern RN Ship markings. This set does not include the Hong Kong Squadron funnel badge, however.


The 4 page instruction sheet has the standard history/parts diagram/kit assembly layout familiar to anyone who has seen or built a White Ensign kit. The paint reference uses White Ensign Colourcoats paints, and isn't too complicated a scheme. The use of round number boxes for photoetch parts and square number boxes for resin and metal parts, allow the modeler to see the required parts for each step at a glance.

Be sure to read the Other Instructions on the final page to plan your assembly steps accordingly- there is some useful info there than may have bearing on other assembly steps.


Atlantic Model's first offering is a neat little kit of interesting subject. With its small parts count and uncomplicated paint scheme, this kit would be a great introduction to resin ship modeling, or a change of pace for those who prefer more complicated builds. As issued, this kit is optimal for any of the five corvettes at the time of their service in the Hong Kong Squadron; with some research and customization, this kit can also easily model the three in Philippine service as the Jacinto class corvettes, or the two in Irish Naval Service.

The Atlantic Models 1/350 HMS Peacock Ref: ATK 35001 is priced at 48.95 +Postage, or about $75.00. Thanks to Atlantic Models for this review sample. Atlantic Models kits are available direct from Atlantic