Combrig 1/700 HMS Monmouth

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The HMS Monmouth was the lead ship of a 9,800 ton amoured cruiser built in 1901. Armed with fourteen 6" guns she was lightly armed compared to other ships of that era. The Monmouth served much of her career on China station as part of the 4th Cruiser Squadron before being placed in reserve in 1914. The first world war brought her out of retirement and sent into the South Atlantic. It was there that her light armor and low mounted side armament contributed to her demise  in the battle of Coronel off the coast of Chile on November 1st, 1914. In a duel with the SMS Gneisenau she was unable to return fire with her casemate mounted guns and was put out of action. She fell out of line and was brutally pounded when the SMS Nürnberg showed up. Reduced to a burning hulk those who were not killed by the gunfire perished in the unforgiving seas.
This new kit from Combrig features the same high quality casting as other recent releases. The hull well cast with plenty of deck detail including nice bollards and chocks and planking detail. One nice feature is the way parts like the funnels and gun turrets fit snugly into the mounting holes. The unique lines of this ship are nicely reproduced here. Many deck items are left off and mounting holes for the separate parts are included instead.
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The superstructure parts are cast onto a thin resin wafer. Detail is very much like on the hull. 
There are all kinds of fine details to add to the deck. A couple of nice deck winches are very nice. The anchors are as close to scale size as you can get with resin. Several other deck details are included to give the deck a more realistic appearance. 
The main guns include two twin turrets with several separate 6" gun barrels for them and the casemate guns. Smaller 10 and 3 pounders are also included. These are extremely fine for this scale so be careful handling them. 
The ships boats come in a variety of styles. As with their other kits, these are very detailed and some like the steam launch feature separate stacks. 
A photo etch fret is  included with some detail parts that are not suited for resin. Boat cradles, braces, and anchor chain are among the parts included on the fret. 
The Instructions are front and back of a single sheet. A plan and elevation on the front with exploded view and parts list on the back. Barely adequate for a ship like this. 
Yet another high quality Combrig kit. This one, a unique one of a kind subject that will give your British fleet some real variety. This kit is listed on the Pacific Front Hobbies website for $42.00 (US), a great price for a ship of this size and detail.