White Ensign 1/700
Round Table Class Trawler 1941/1942

Reviewed by Sean Hert
November, 2013
The Round Table class of trawlers was a small class of eight ships built in 1941-1942 in two shipyards in Aberdeen. These ships were comissioned as minesweepers, with two later being converted to danlayers prior to the Normandy Landings in 1944. (Danlayers were ships which laid pole-based marker bouys (dans) along the swept routes throught minefields.)

The eight ships of this class displaced less than 500 tons, and were armed with a single 12pdr gun forward, 20mm Oerlikon aft, and two or more machine guns. They were also equipped with various minesweeping gear throught their careers.
  • Sir Galahad (T226)
  • Sir Gareth (T227)
  • Sir Lancelot (T228)
  • Sir Tristram (T229)
  • Sir Agravaine (T230)
  • Sir Geraint (T240)
  • Sir Kay (T241)
  • Sir Lamorack (T242)
The hull is solid cast, full hull, in a pale yellow, almost white, resin. Most of the deckhouses are molded on the decks, and have good, delicate detail. The hull itself has details like the fine bilge keels and hull strakes.

The resin parts are molded on a large resin casting block, and include the wheelhouse\bridge, funnel, Carley Float and whaleboat, cowl vents, and 12pdr base and platform.


WEM has also included a small fret of photoetch with over 25 parts, as well as some lengths of brass rod for the masts. The fret includes ratlines for the foremast, railings for the f'c'sle and 12pdr platform, details for sweeping gear handling area in the stern, and the weapons and shields.


There are no decals included in this kit.


The 5 pages of instructions on three sheets, with painting instructions on the final page.


This is a great little inexpensive kit that would make for a nice weekend build, or a part in a larger diorama. The crispness and angularity of the detail on this kit illustrates WEM has, at least with this kit, adopted modern prototyping methods. It is pretty obvious this kit was 3D printed, and it looks good! Highly Recommended!

The White Ensign Models 1/700 Round Table Class K748 is priced at 9.95, or about $14.00.

Thanks to White Ensign Models for this review sample. White Ensign models are available direct from WEM