Starling Models 1/350
Algerine Class Minesweeper

Reviewed December 2017
by Timothy Dike

It was decided in September 1940 that larger minesweepers with better sea-keeping qualities than the Bangor class that were just entering service were needed. A design was rapidly evolved which embodied all known minesweeping requirements and was also capable of acting as an Escort Vessel if required.
The general requirements were for a ship capable of sweeping moored, magnetic and acoustic mines in seas up to force 5. The name given to ships of this design was ALGERINE Class. In all, 110 were completed, 50 in Belfast and Scotland and 60 in Canada. Of the total number, 98 were for service with the Royal Navy, the remaining 12 being retained by the Royal Canadian Navy as escorts and not fitted out for minesweeping.

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This is the second resin kit from Starling Models. It is designed in CAD and the master was 3D printed. The kit can be used to build a number of Algerine class minesweepers in early or late war fits. The kit comes complete with resin hull and details, photo etch, brass rod, decals and full color instructions. The results are stunning to say the least.
This is a full hull style kit with a lot of detail cast on. Placement of the superstructure and details will be greatly facilitated by cast in mounting sockets to give you precise alignment. Bits, chocks and deck boxes are arranged around the deck, all flash free on my sample. It looks like the only cleanup will be some sanding on the keel where the casting gates were located. I do have to point out that some of the finer details were broken off. It would be nice if spares were cast on a separate sprue, just in case.
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The bridge assembly is equally well cast and very detailed. The open bridge includes a nice compass and binnacle mount. There are a few areas to clean up on this part, but they are minor. The funnel looks sharp with the external piping cast on. Gun platforms for the 20 mm and 40 mm mounts are also included. 
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A multitude of fine resin detail parts include paravanes, cranes, winches, vents, props, shafts and rudder. Finely cast with light flash along the mld lines. 
 The main gun shield, yoke and gun assembly  is cast separate allowing for the gun mount to be shown at any realistic elevation. Depth charges are designed to work with the included photo etch to give better detail. Included are both the optional early 20 mm oerlikon and later 40 mm bofors AA single gun mounts. Be careful, I managed to knock off one of the shields on the 20 mm. 
Three types of boats are included all well cast. Stacked rafts are cast with an open center  to allow the photo etch netting insert to fit.
Most resin kits include basic photo etch frets for some details. This fret is very professionally done. It includes railings, davits, cable reel ends and brackets. There are many more fine details so I would urge you to look through the instructions and built up pics to really appreciate it.
Numbers in black and white as well as J's and M's are supplied on the decal sheet.
The instructions are a 16 page full color booklet showing the assembly in fully rendered 3D views. They are very detailed and color coded to show the current assembly highlighted. A rigging diagram and three color profiles are included showing markings and fit for early and late war members of the class.
These images from the manufacturer show the kit built up with only the kit supplied parts.
This is an exceptionally detailed kit engineered for easy assembly. It includes virtually everything you need to make a first class Algerine class minesweeper. 

If you have used photo etch on a plastic model, you shouldn't have any problem with this kit as your first resin kit. If your a resin pro, you'll appreciate building a kit that doesn't require a lot of reworking and scratchbuilding! If this kit has one flaw, it would be that some of the finer details are just too fragile. However I would still rank it as the best kit I have seen this year. Highly recommended!

This is #STK02 1/350 Algerine class minesweeper for £69.95 or about 93.83 US Dollars at today's exchange rate. Thanks to Starling Models for the review sample.

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