Airfix 1/600 Scale HMS King George V
Review by Ian Wilkins

You can see this model in the Photo Gallery

This is an excellent kit. The decks and superstructure are highly and crisply detailed. There were only a few minor sinkmarks and some small amounts of flash on some of the smaller components. For a large kit with many components it assembles quickly and neatly, though the highly detailed deck moulding takes two or three days to paint. There are one or two things to look out for though. The forward end of the deck required a lot of sanding and scraping to get it to sit down into the hull flush with the sheer. Also, the propellors supplied are left and right handed so it is important to follow the instructions to get them onto the correct shafts. This is one of the best of the Airfix kits and I highly recomend the use of the Gold Medal Models detail set for this kit. A highly detailed and visually complex model will result.