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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The British K-class were designed to be able to keep up with the fleet and attack the enemy under water while the fleet attacked on the surface. These large subs were steam powered with funnels that could be folded away for undersea role. They were not entirely sucessful and many were lost on trials. Submarine K-13 was one such sub lost before she could fight. She was raised and repaired and re-numbered K-22 perhaps due to superstition over the number 13. Many of these subs were rebuilt into Submarine Monitors. Most were scrapped in the 20's.

Length 338 ft OA
Beam: 26 1/2 ft 
Displacement: 1,880 tons
Max Speed : 24 knots surface,  9 knots submerged
Range Submerged: 80 miles at 2 knots 
Armament: 8 x 18" torpedoes, 2 x 4" guns 

Combat Subs the 1/350 resin submarine branch of Pit-Road, produces a line of high quality submaring kits, and this newest one is no exception. The hull is very well cast and there were no signs of airbubbles or casting defects.  The detail on this sub is very sharp and  the distinctive lines of this unusual submarine are well captured.
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The superstructure is cast in one piece no flash. The other parts have a light flash on them that comes off easily by dragging a sharp knife across the edge. A resin base is included to display your sub. A lenght of brass rod is also included for the propeller shafts.
The instructions are one page with most of the text in Japanese. However the instructions are very clear with exploded views, plan and elevation, and detail views for the propeller placement, so you should have no problems with the assembly.
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A full build up of this sub by Jim Baumann can be found here.

A great little kit of a unique sub. Well cast and detailed It's nice to see Combat Subs offering more submarines in 1/350 scale. Thanks to Pacific Front Hobbies for the review sample. This is kit #CS-25 and is currently listed for $40.00 US. Check out this kit and the other Pit-Road Combat Subs on Pacific Fronts website with secure online ordering.