Triton White Metal 1/600 Scale Golden Hind
Review by Carl Erickson

You can see this model in the Photo Gallery

The Golden Hind was Frances Drake's flagship on his three year expedition during which he became the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe from 1577 to 1580, and along the way extensively pillaged Spain's colonies in the New World. He was knighted for this accomplishment by Queen Elizabeth I in defiance of protest from the Spanish Ambassador. 

No precise plans or drawings of the ship survive today, so I based my evaluation in large part on the February 1975 article in National Geographic by the great historian/sailor Allan Villiers. For the four-hundredth anniversary of Drake's landing near present day San Francisco, Villiers sailed a British built replica of the Golden Hind to California. Based on drawings of other ships of the time, the new vessel was built at 102 ft. length overall, with a 20 ft. beam and a 13 ft. draft.

 All the pieces of the kit I got were nicely cast. It has a one piece hull/deck which is 1.75 inches long, nicely done complete with four very tiny cannon. There are three masts, a bowsprit with sail, and two sets of double sails which need to be separated before cementing to the masts. I am quite pleased, but in comparing it to the Villiers replica, I had to add a poop deck, use a different one section bowsprit, and add a few other details. The kit offers no painting instructions, but the National Geographic article comes to the rescue here. Anyhow, since no pictures or precise plans survive, it is all an estimate anyhow.