1/700 HMS Glowworm

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Of all the famous sea battles, there are few that come close to the heroic last stand of the HMS Glowworm. On April 8th this little ship encountered a German destroyer in the North Atlantic. After identify the enemy fire was exchanged, soon another German destroyer entered the fight. the Glowworm pressed on the attack but the German destroyers were laden with troops bound for Norway and retreated into a nearby rain squall. Near by was the German Heavy Cruiser Admiral Hipper and the lone British destroyer soon found herself out gunned on the high seas. Against all odds  Lt Cdr Roope attacked the 10,000 ton Cruiser with everything she had. Though none of her torpedoes found their mark, she was able to score some hits on the cruiser. With only one operational gun still firing the Glowworm turned and rammed the Hipper tearing into the hull and damaging the cruiser. After the two ships separated the Hipper raked the destroyer with her light weapons. With the ship starting to sink the order was given to abandon ship. 

So impressed by the bravery of her crew, the Hipper stood by for over an hour to rescue her crew

This kit by B-Resina strikes me as the European equivalent of JAG in their casting style with the superstructure molded onto the hull. The casting is very well done with some flash around the aft superstructure base and the forward open chocks on the bow. The overhanging surfaces and intricate surfaces are well defined and will require very little cleanup to finish.
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Accessory parts have a little more flash on them, but it is light and comes off easily. I wish the main guns had been molded with separate shields instead of barrels. This would have made super detailing the gun mounts easier considering the guns have an open back.
The instructions are very basic and could benefit from a few auxiliary views. But again this is a simple kit and there is not to much to assemble on it.

There is no photo etch in this kit, but a good set of railings will really make this kit stand out.

  • This is a simple kit that could be built in an evening or two. With a list price of only $23.00 it is a good value compared to other resin destroyer kits. Thanks to Pacific Front for providing the review sample. Check out their online catalog for more B-Resina and other hard to find manufactures.

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