1/700 Flower Class Corvette HMS Jonquil K-68

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Jonquil is one of several new Flower Class Corvettes recently released by HP Models of Germany. Here is a look at the kit contents.
The Hull is pretty well cast and has fair amount of detailing. I don't care for the molded on anchors. But I usually sand these off and replace them with either PE or Skywave weapons set replacements. I have very few flower class references so I can not verify the dimensions of this particular ship. There were many variations within this class so it is best to consult pictures of the prototype before building.
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Superstructure and accessory parts are cast on a thin wafer and are pretty well molded. There will be a little cleanup to remove the excess flash and care should be taken to prevent damaging the more delicate parts.
The instructions consist of two sides of an standard sheet of paper. While this is not a complicated kit, I would still like to see more detailed instructions, with a little bit of history included.

There is no photo etch in this kit, but a good set of railings will really make this kit stand out.


This is a simple kit that could be built in an evening or two. It is probably not the best first resin kit due to the delicate nature of some of the parts. But anyone who has tackled a few plastic kits should be able to handle it.  This kit is currently listed for $20.00 US. It and several other new Flower class Corverttes are featured in the latest Pacific Front Update including:

  • Anemone K-48
  • Crocus K-49
  • Bluebell K-80
  • Polyanthus K-47
  • Jonquil K-68
I have not compared these kits with each other so I don't know what is different on each one, but this review will give you a general idea of what is in these kits.


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