Orange Hobby Blue Series 1/700
Type 22 Batch 3 Frigate HMS Campbeltown

Reviewed September 2014
by Timothy Dike
The HMS Campbeltown was a Type 22 Frigate built for the Royal Navy by Cammell Laird Shipbuilders Ltd. in Birkenhead. Launched in October 1987, she was a Batch 3 version designed to address some of the shortcomings revealed in the Falklands War. She was active in the Atlantic serving with NATO forces and in the Persian Gulf during the Iraq war. She was decommissioned on 7 April 2011.

This new kit from Orange Hobby in the Blue Series can be built to represent her from 1987 to 2008. 

 The hull is hollow cast waterline style hollowed out with most of her superstructure in place. Detail is very sharp and casting is among the best I have seen.  Click images
to enlarge
The superstructure enclosing the funnels is cast separate along with the main gun turret and enclosed masts. Casting on these parts is also very good with nice surface detailing. 
Directors and other weapons are included here. Many of these parts look somewhat plain, that is until you study how they integrate with the included photo etch parts for more detail. Radar domes, floatation canisters, and RHIB's are among the other done parts. The two long strakes for the hull side are exclusive to Campbeltown. 
The EH 101 Merlin helo is very well cast with well defined surface details and an opened up interior door. Winglets with the aft landing gear are separate and well cast. A hollowed out socket helps locate the parts with minimal fuss. 
Not only is a CNC machined gun barrel included, but the Harpoon launcher tubes are also turned brass. These also integrate with the PE to produce an awesome launcher. 
The photo etch provided in this kit is very extensive and includes everything you could possibly need. All are protected with a plastic shield to prevent damage in shipping. Many of the frets use relief etching to enhance the 3D effect.
The first fret includes most of the railings custom made to fit the kit without cutting. 
Mast platforms and yardarms are on this fret. Not the Harpoon launcher frame.
Safety netting, doors and hatches and mast parts on this fret.
Jackstaff, anchor chain and platform support girderwork. 
This fret is dedicated to the EH-101 helo. Rotors, tail plane, and doors are included.
This little fret adds some railing, and girderwork. 
A sharply rendered decal sheet with markings for F-85 Cumberland and F-86 Campbeltown. Deck markings for the helo deck, warning circles, and flags make up these nicely registered decals. 
The instructions are seven pages showing the parts in exploded views with plenty of subassembly views. Well drawn and very thorough. 
These photos are from Orange Hobby and show the unpainted kit built up.

Another stunning release from Orange Hobby in their Blue Series. This kit is among the most detailed and well engineered kits now on the market. It is a must have for your modern Royal Navy fleet. Retail price should be around $45-50.00 US. Check the Orange Hobby website for this and other new kits.