Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The HMS Dreadnought is one of the best known ships in the world. She represents a milestone in Warship developement and this Combrig 1/700 kit represents yet another step forward for this Russian manufacturer. Using Computer Aided Design (CAD), a 3D model is constucted and then printed with state of the art 3D printing technology to produce a stunning patern. From this pattern a mold is contructed and these kits are the end result. 
The Hull on this kit is awesome. No other way to put it, it is just that good, from the fine planking and hatch details to the fragile bollards cast in place. Also cast on are outlines of locating parts, a real plus.
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Superstructure parts are also nicely molded. They are molded on a thin resin wafer and will need a little sanding to free them. The parts are sharp and crisp and as usual, well cast. Many of the locating points are cast in place greatly simplying the job of the builder.
The funnels are hollowed out a bit for a more realistic appearance. The tripod legs are cast in resin too, but I
would use these for templates to make brass replacements from. 
The main guns are nicely shaped and have plenty of detail included. The only flash was is on the bottom where is will not be visable after the turret is installed. The gun barrels are pretty nice for resin with a realistic flared end.
The small parts are stunning and it is amazing that they can be cast so finely in this scale.The light machine guns are so tiny that they rival photo etch. The cable reels and search lights are awesome.
The ships boats are the best in this scale. The main launch has rudder and propeller detail cast on.
Two photo etch frets are included. The quality of the etching shows a great improvement over the frets inlcuded with earlier kits. These are relief etched and details are nicely rendered. Notice the bracing for installation under the bridge.
FRET A overall and closeup views FRET B
Only Dreadnought specific details are included meaning you will have to supply your own railings. But most of us already have plenty of extra rails so this is not a problem.
The Instructions were not finalised when this kit was sent. These are a draft of the final versions, but as you can see they are a marked improvement over previous kits. I am glad to see the detailed subassemblies detailed. This will be a big help to anyone who builds this kit.
This is a perhaps the best Combrig kit I have seen. It certainly ranks among the very best kits on the market. With already state of the art casting, it is nice to see relief etch photo etch and improved instructions. I wouldn't recommend this kit for a beginner, but any one who has tacked a resin kit and worked with photo etch will really enjoy this one. This kit is listed on the Pacific Front Hobbies website for $45.00 (US), a fantastic price for a ship of this size.