AJM Models 1/700 Admiralty Type Scott Class Flotilla Leader

Reviewed February 2016
by Timothy Dike

The HMS Scott was the lead ship of a new class of destroyer leader.  Ordered during World War One the Scott was launched October 18, 1917.  She had a very short career being sunk less than a year later off the Dutch coast by the German submarine UC-17.  The submarine had been laying mines in the area and it is not known if she sank the destroyer with a torpedo or with the mines she had just laid. Either way the result was the same with the ship going down 20 nautical miles off the Dutch Coast. Although her career was cut short many of the other ships in the class survived the war and served in World War Two.

AJM Models is a new company from Poland producing unique subjects in resin. This kit allow you to build either the HMS Scott or the HMAS Stuart.

The hull is cast water line style on a resin runnere and a thick base. As a result the hull didn't have any warp in it.  It's hard to tell from my photos that there's some really nice surface detailing on the deck..
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The superstructure parts are nicely cast with only some light flash to deal with.  Funnels are hollowed out with nicely formed bands around the circumference.  I like the way the bridge and other components are mounted on the casting blocks wioth the connection at the bottom.  Removing them will not destroy any surface detail.
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Weapons include three triple torpedo mounts, five main gun assemblies, and two machine guns.  A nicely cast rangefinder is also included.
Three ships boats are included and these look good.  Also shown is the funnel piping nicely done and these should really enhance the funnels.
These parts include everything from K-guns, to searchlights.  Bridge equipment like pelorus mounts, and even such fine details as deck vents are included.  Many of these parts are very fine so exercise care when removing them from the sprue.
A relief eched photo eched fret includes everything from the basic railings to the gun shields.  Boat details like rudders, and davits, framework for the searchlight tower, rat lines, add that final touch to detail out the ship.  Please refer to the photos for items I have left out. Five 4.7 inch gun base and shields are provided on individual frets.  Three sizes of Brass rod are also included to fabricate the masts.
The decal sheet provides markings for three ships with large and small hull numbers and flags for both England and Australia.
The instructions are front and back of a two sheets with plan and elevation, and an exploded view of the assembly. 

This is a nice kit with lots of fine detailing. It looks like the parts are included to build any of the early Admiralty type destroyer leaders. 

Matt Enochs, a longtime member of the ship modeling community has jumped in with both feet and opened his own web store. Be sure to check out Kraken Hobbies online E-Bay store for this and the complete line of AJM Models kits as well as many other lines.

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