Reviewed June 2016
by Timothy Dike

HMS Glamorgan was a County-class Royal Navy destroyer built by Vickers-Armstrongs in Newcastle. She was launched on 9 July 1964 and entered service with the Royal Navy in 1966. In 1973 she emerged from a major refit lacking her B turret which had been replaced by four Exocet launchers. 

In 1982 Glamorgan was involved in the Falklands War  engaging Argentine land forces and protecting shipping to the area. Glamorgan was hit by a land-based Exocet missile causing damage and killing 14 sailors. The ship returned home and the damage was repaired and she was deployed  to the coast of Lebanon in 1984 for her final deployment for the Royal Navy in 1984.

In 1986 she was sold to the Chilean Navy, renamed Almirante Latorre and served until 1998.  In 2005 while on the way to the scrappers, she sank while under tow. 

This new kit from MT Miniatures represents the kit in her early appearance. 

The hull and superstructure and are cast water line style as a single piece.  The casting is a pretty good overall with detail sure to please the average modeler.  Mounting holes are cast in for the white metal parts like the mast and turrets. Click images
to enlarge
The bridge, mast, weapons and directors are cast in white metal with a fair amount of detail.
A single brass fret is included with railings, and safety netting. 
Decals are provided for that Glamorgan and Kent.  Helo deck markings are included.
The instructions are a single page in an exploded view format. Everything except the railing locations are shown. But you can refer to the included photo of the completed ship for that. 
The kit comes securely packed with elastic bands molding the hull securely in place.

While not as detailed as some of today's kits this new kit will give you a good representation of a Royal Navy Batch 2 County Class Destroyer. This is MT Miniatures - #MTM038 1/700th HMS Glamorgan for £36.95 or about $53.27 at today's exchange rate. 

You can order online direct from the MT Miniatures website.

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