Dragon 1/700 HMS Invincible 25th

Reviewed by Timothy Dike

25 years ago in June the HMS Invincible was at sea in support of British forces in the Falklands. Almost sold to Australia this carrier was hurriedly pressed back into service and sent into the South Atlantic to help British forces in need of close air support. With her Sea Harriers she was instrumental in helping regain the upper hand and ending the war.
The hull on this kit is molded in two halves in full hull style. The is the way the original kit was produced by Revell. Dragon acquired them molds and added some parts and improved others. The hull molding and the level of detail is still pretty good. But it will be a chore to cut the hull down if you want to do a waterline version. Click images
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This sprue includes the flight deck and some mast parts. These are nicely cast overall, but the flight deck includes raises deck markings that would have been better represented by decals. Most modelers will probably sand these off.
SPRUE C (x2)
There are two of these sprues in the kit. They include some Harriers, Helos, and boats. Propellers, shaft and rudders are also included.
A stand is included for full hull display.
SPRUE b (Weapons)
A weapons sprue is included with many of the parts you will need for this kit. There are a whole bunch of spares, so tuck them away for other projects. This is the same weapons sprue you will find in many Dragon British ship kits.
A brass photo etch fret includes railings, safety nets, and mast and radar parts. These are well done and a bonus to the kit.
The decals by Cartograf include the ships and aircraft markings. These are well registered and sharp.
The instructions are an eight page booklet showing the assembly in a step by step process that is easy to follow. Very thorough and well illustrated. Photo etch locations are noted in color. A painting guide is included on the final page showing the ship in plan and profile.
This new Dragon kit is a welcome upgrade of the old kit and a fitting tribute to this famous carrier. It is nice to see these old kits given new life and new details. I do wish that the hull and flight deck had been improved though. But this still a nice kit, especially when you consider you can get it for only $28.50 at DragonUSA online.

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