Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The HMS Biter was an Avenger class Escort Carrier originally laid down as the merchant ship Rio Parana in 1939. After launching she was taken over by the US Navy for conversion to an aircraft carrier and became one of four of this early type of escort carriers. Biter and two of her sisters HMS Avenger and HMS Dasher were transferred to Britain as part of the lend lease program. The fourth sister was retained by the US Navy as the USS Charger. Biter began her career by ferrying aircraft to the war zones of the Mediterranean. Early in March 43 she embarked a squadron of Fairey Swordfish and began defending the vital convoys crisscrossing the Atlantic. Later in 1944 she suffered fire damage and ended up in reserve until being sent home to the US where she was refitted. Biter was back in action again this time with the French Navy as the Dixmude. She saw action off Indo-China where she operated as a transport and even engaged in combat operations with her Dauntless aircraft. She later operated as an accommodation ship and finally as a base ship. When finally returned to the US in 1966 she was used up and beyond an economical refit. She ended her career as a target ship. 
The hull is cast in waterline style with much of the hanger deck cast in place. The casting is clean and flash free with no visible defects. Surface detail is well executed and sharp. Bits are cast onto the deck and the splinter shields are thin and well cast.  Click images
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This part is provided in injection molded plastic. It included some nice molded on deck detail with underside bracing. 
Resin parts include the island with cast on braces and separate bridge top with some really nice exterior bracing. Other parts include a really nice deck winch and searchlights. Ships boats and rafts are very well cast and very nicely detailed.
Rather than reinvent the wheel, L'Arsenal has chosen to include NIKO Models 4" gun mounts. These guns are very sharply cast with a septa gun and base assembly. Relief etched brass completed the guns.
A set of Fairey Swordfish are also included with a resin cast fuselage and photo etch wings. The aircraft include open cockpits just in cast you want to add a pilot. The photo etch wings have relief etch panel lines. Two sheets of instructions show the assembly process in detail. You can also order these aircraft separately if you need more.
Instructions and photo etch
A complete photo etch set includes the latticework that supports the flight deck. Platforms and railing are included as well as inclined ladders, 
A second fret is included with extra 20 mm gun parts.  Shields, shoulder rests that fold in half, sights, and crank wheel are all included. 
A simple sheet with hull numbers is provided.
The instructions are five pages with bill of material, and assembly views. The last page includes camouflage markings. 
A nicely cast and detailed Escort Carrier that can be used to do the HMS Biter or one of her sister ships. There is plenty of detail on this ship and it will really stand out in your collection. This is kit #700-12 HMS Biter Carrier available in for $89.00 US from Tony Bunch @ L'Arsenal USA or direct from L'Arsenal in France