Airfix 1/600 Scale HMS Cambletown
Review by Ian Wilkins

 This kit was first released in 1961 and I remember as a boy in the 70s that this kit was a favourite because of its small size. Measuring only 159 mm it certainly is diminutive, but it scales out accurately to the actual length of the vessel. I'd have to say that 46 components the parts in my 1980 issue of the kit are a bit crude in comparison to most of the other Airfix kits, but all are useable, and I have no doubt that this one could be turned into a mini-masterpiece if you so desired. Certainly, the excellent box art on my sample would provide much information for super detailing. 

I think this may be a rare kit now so prices may be a bit high for what you actually get. I bought one for the nostalgia value.