Naval Works 1/700 HMS Barnham

British Battleship
Here's a look back at one of the classic kits from yesterday. Naval Works was one of the original producers of resin kits, they are now gone, but they have left their mark on the Resin Ship industry
The hull is pretty good, the deck planking is not bad. The secondary gun casements are well formed as well.
The superstructure parts fairly detailed and the only real cleanup will be to remove the thick wafer that the parts are cast on. The shapes look accurate but the splinter shields are thicker on this kit than most of today's kits. 
Gun turrets look good, and the secondary armament is not bad. Not shown are several different sizes of brass rod to fabricate the masts out of.  I would recommend getting some of the photo etch sets from White Ensign Models to finish out this ship.
The instructions are better than most, from this era. There are detail views and exploded views as well as a plan and elevation view.
Though this kit is out of production it can still be found in some modelers "unbuilt kit collections" or on E-bay. It was a pretty good kit when it was introduced and and is not a really bad, but not up to the standard of casting that White Ensign Models has been producing lately. 

This kit is from Ron's kit stash and is for sale for $90 plus shipping. Contact me if you are interested.