HP Models HMS Bruiser Boxer class landing ship

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The HMS Bruiser was a Boxer class Tank Landing ship designed to unload tanks and other heavy equipment directly on the beach. She had large clamshell doors on the bow to load and unload vehicles. In addition a large crane on her deck could be used to load and unload other heavy equipment. The Bruiser first saw action in the Mediterranean from Malta, Salerno, and Anzio. 

HP Models has released this important Amphibious Landing ship to allow you to mount an effective invasion from the sea.

The hull is cast with some pretty nice surface detailing. The fore and aft anchor chain is molded on with plenty of chain handling equipment. I prefer to have the anchor chain left off, but this looks pretty good and wont have to be replaced. Some rafts are molded on and these look pretty good.
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These parts are cast on thin resin wafers and are fairly well cast. The superstructure parts are pretty good, but don't have a lot of surface detail. This may be correct, but I have no reference to check it against. The ships boats look pretty good, but I am not impressed by the Skywave style machine guns. . 
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The crane is cast solid and would look much better in photo etch.
British flags are printed on paper in a variety of styles. 
The instructions are front and back of a two sheets with plan and elevation, and an exploded view of the assembly. These are adequate to build the ship.

Overall this is a pretty good kit of a seldom seen British Landing ship. It could use some photo etch to spruce it up, especially for the crane. It will be a welcome addition to your Amphibious fleet.

This kit was listed for $59.00 US a typical price for a ship this size. Be sure to check Pacific Front's new online store for this and the complete line of HP Models.

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