Combrig 1/700
HMS Agincourt British Battleship

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
This kit represents the British Battleship Agincourt in her 1918 fit. I will spare you the background on the real ship and leave that for a later buildup. Let's take a look at what's in the box.
The Hull on this kit is yet another example of the fine casting that Combrig is producing these days. The surface detail is extremely well done with nicely cast bollards and chocks. The various deck hatches are well done, and thankfully the anchor chain is left clean, so you can add real chain (not included). The anchor capstans are cast separately as are several deck fittings.
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Superstructure parts also well detailed. They feature really nice surface detailing. Where planking is used, it is well defined. Splinter shields are thin, but well formed. The windows in the various parts really stand out and have no flash or resin blobs. The funnels are hollowed out a bit for a more realistic appearance.
The main superstructure appears to have an excessive overpour, but don't bother to sand it off. You won't need to, as it fits perfectly into the openings in the hull. See the pictures below.
The kit includes many small fittings such as cable reels and vents. They are very well cast. The searchlights and other items feature many of the most intricate detailing, especially when one considers these tiny parts can barely be seen with the naked eye. The secondary guns are not bad, but I would have liked to see the shield cast separately from the gun.
The ships boats are the best I've seen in this scale. The main launch has rudder detail cast on. Even the planking on the bottom of the whaleboats can be made out.
The main gun turrets are nicely shaped and the casting gate is on the base. Thanks to the way the hull is molded you probably won't even need to remove them as they fit nicely into the openings provided. The main gun barrels are cast in resin and are nicely done.
The Instructions are four pages done in the typical Combrig style. A plan and elevation with specifications and Historical info is on page one. A bill of materials and pictures of the kit parts is on page two. Page three and four are exploded assembly views showing parts placement. 

Yet another high quality Combrig kit, and another fine addition to the early war battleship fleets. This one features state of the art casting with unbelievable detail. I wouldn't recommend this kit for a beginner, but any one who has built a few ships should have no problems with this one. This kit is listed on the Pacific Front Hobbies website for $47.00 (US), a fantastic price for a ship of this size and detail. It will make a fine addition to your Grand Fleet.