Admiralty Modelworks
1/700 British Battlecruiser Courageous 1917

Reviewed by Sean Hert

After Admiral Fisher was forbidden to build any more battlecruisers, he worked around this limitation by ordering 3 "Large Light Cruisers" in 1915. These 3 ships were designed to support possible landing operations in the Baltic. These ships, better called "light battlecruisers," possessed a shallow draft due to their light armor. These ships never served in the role which they were designed for, nor did they serve in a role suited to their capabilities, i.e. commerce raiding or anti- raider missions. They were white elephants, and Courageous was referred to as the “Outrageous”.

Mine rails were fitted in late 1917 (nicknamed “Clapham Junction”), but Courageous was never used as a mine layer operationally.


  • Length: 786'9" overall
  • Beam: 81'
  • Draught: 22'8"
  • Displacement: 18,180t (light) 22,560t (deep)
  • Machinery: 4-shaft Parsons geared turbines, SHP 90,000 = 31.5 knots
  • Range: 6,000nm @ 20 knots
  • Crew: 787
  • Cost: 2,038,225 Pounds
  • Armament:
    • 4 x 15in 42 cal Mk.1 (120rpg) in 2 Turrets
    • 18 x 4in 44cal Mk.IX, 6 triple gun mounts
    • 2 x 3in HA guns
    • 2 x 3 pdr AA guns
    • 4 x torpedo tubes (2/beam)
  • Mine rails

HMS Courageous' career

  • Laid down in March 1915, launched on 5 February 1916.
  • Commissioned for service in January 1917. For most of her service she worked as the Flotilla Flagship of the 2nd Light Cruiser Squadron (LCS).
  • 16 October 1917 patrolled with Glorious the Scandinavia trade route as part of the 2nd LCS.
  • Courageous saw action during 19/18 October 1917 off Heligoland Bight trying to intercept the raiders Bremse and Brummer (Light cruisers) with Glorious and Repulse.
  • She was in action off the Kattegat while making a sortie against German minesweepers.
  • 21 November 1918 served as flagship of LCS at the German fleet surrender.
  • March 1920 Courageous became the Flagship Rear-Admiral Commanding Reserve.
  • 29 June 1924 taken in hand to be converted to an aircraft carrier.
  • 17 September 1939 sunk by German submarine U-29.

This kit from Admiralty is the first time this ship has been available in her battlecruier form. These kits of Courageous and Glorious are some of the finest examples of resin ships I have ever seen.


HMS Courageous' hull is cast as a single piece, with no full hull option available. There are some incredible details molded on this hull; I am amazed the detail is not distorted or broken. There are no lost pieces of silicone hiding anywhere. The hull has minimal flash in places, and will take very little work to clean up.

The deck detail textures are well done, as are the platforms for the triple gun mounts and the underneath support brackets; and in 1/700 no less. No molded on anchor chains- in fact, miniature brass chain is included in the kit.

The mine rails added to the stern are a distinctive trait that differentiate Courageous from Glorious, as does the lack of aircraft.

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This kit has over 50 resin parts, and 4 brass barrels. Many of the resin parts are cast onto blocks, and will be easy to remove. Most of the parts are either labeled or have a part number molded on the block for easy identification- there is a nice parts reference on page 2 of the instructions.

The funnel is cast partially hollow, with very fine steam pipes. The pipes are open at the top- well done!

The 15"/42 gun turrets are cast in 2 pieces; a detailed turret, and a small resin disk base. Included are 4 turned brass 15" barrels. The turrets have range finders, ventilators and armor plating detail.

The 4" Triple turrets and resin barrels . There are 6 of these trip turrets on Glorious. The only blemish I can find on any part in this kit is on one of these turrets, and a drop of CA and a swipe of a sanding stick will fix it very quickly.

The 3" HA guns, starfish and the main derrick boom with the upper masts.

The bridge, bridge top, fighting tops, platforms and directors. I like how the holes to be drilled for the mast poles are all indicated clearly on each part, and the fighting top has a socket for the pole to fit into.

Below are the mines for the aft rails.


Admirality has included a PE fret that has all the things you'd expect in a premium kit like this, including pre-shaped railings, funnel cap screen, ladders, anchor options, and even oars for the ship's boats!


A resin badge of the ship's crest is included for display with the kit. Nice Touch.


An all-purpose RN decal set, printed by Cartograf is included. The Blue, Red, White and Battle Ensigns, Union Jack, and various pennants, are present.


A 12 page instruction book is included, that comes complete with a rigging diagram, painting instructions and a large 11"x17" plan view. This large view covers appropriate flags and their positions and painting details- inlcuding color swatches of White Ensign Models' Colourcoats.

There are 21 instruction steps in the booklet. Some of the steps are multi-part, having you drill holes or mount some PE. Some steps reference the construction notes page, which has additional text notes and aids in construction.

The included parts list on page 2 has a parts diagram as well; should be a nice aid in tracking down and separating similar parts.

Admiralty's crisp CAD drawing instructions are very clear and easy to read. They really raise the bar compared to the instructions many of us are used to see included in our resin kits. Instructions are something usually left to the last minute, it seems, and are a neglected aspect of our hobby. Admiralty is setting a new standard here!


The HMS Courageous from Admiralty Model Works is an impressive kit. If you like the RN, Great War subjects or are a 1/700 fan; run, don't walk, to get this kit. It is really something unique.

Courageous has a list price of $145.00USD, and is available direct from Admiralty Model Works, as well as some of our sponsors. This is a good price for a premium kit of this quality.