Heller 1/400 Le Redoutable
Review by Jean-Paul Binot

 Le Redoutable was the first French SSBN. It entered service in 1971 and was retired in 1991. The ship was donated by the Navy to an association and is being turned into a museum.

 The Heller kit is molded in light gray plastic, with 25 parts in 1 sprue. The general appearance is very good, with fine detail and minimal flash. Overall length is 320 mm. 

It is a very simple kit. The hull is made of two full-hull halves, to be joined and reinforced by strips of plastic. Besides the hull, there are few parts to assemble. The missile deck fits the hull as appropriate, as do the diving planes.

The kit of the Le Redoutable is a very nice attempt at producing a model of this important ship. There is little super-detailing, including PE accessories and additional parts, that can be applied to the kit. There are no obvious mistakes to be corrected, except the lines on the sides of the hull at the level of the missile deck, that need to be sanded off. The propeller is wrong, and a six or seven-bladed screw should be scratch-built.

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