1/700 L'Arsenal T-47B

Reviewed by Timothy Dike

Built in the first years of the fifties to replace the units destroyed during WWII and the ships transferred by the US Navy and Royal Navy, the Escorteur D'Escadrille of the T-47B series proved to be brilliant ships and saw a very long and useful service in the ranks of the French Navy. 
Their original design was very close to the US Gearing class destroyers, all gun equipped , but were upgraded very early in their career to become dedicated ASW ship or AA missile destroyers. 
This kit depicts the original version of this class with their 127 mm and 57 mm main gun armament, the modernized units saw these guns replaced by the newer 100 mm standard gun turret of the French Navy.
 The kit is cast with the hull and superstructure as one piece. The funnels are also cast on and the detail is very good. The hull is cast waterline style and has only a small casting gate to remove on the hull button. No flash or defects were visible on the rest of the casting. This should be a really easy part to prepare as there is next to no cleanup needed. I have no plans to compare to, but the kit looks very much like the photos of the real ship. Click images
to enlarge
Three each of the 127 mm and 57 mm gun turrets are provided. These are well cast on the only thing lacking is a mounting lug for the base. The gun barrels are nicely cast, very thin and well done, though I suspect many will upgrade their kit with some of the aftermarket brass barrels that are available. 
The gun directors and torpedo launchers are nicely shaped and should require only a minimum of cleanup.
Ships boats and floats are provided well cast on resin runners. Davits, and deck cranes are also included. These have a bit of light flash, but nothing too hard to clean up. If you don't wish to clean these up, look to the provided photo etch versions below.
A full brass photo etch fret is included with the railings, radar's, cable reels, funnel grills and all kinds of fine details to give this ship even more detailing. An extra fret supplies the tripod mast.
A decal sheet with nicely registered letters and numbers in black and white is provided for the markings. 
The instructions are four pages showing the assembly and sub assemblies. A parts list and assembly notes will get you started. 
This is a nicely cast little kit with a  very complete photo etch fret. Almost every thing needed to build this ship without having to order  a bunch of aftermarket parts. I should build up into a worthy representation of a post war escort.

This kit is available direct from L'Arsenal in France for 49,95 € or From Tony Bunch @ L'Arsenal USA here in the states for $56.00.