DML / Dragon 1/700
Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates are one of the smallest of the Ocean going escort ships. They are somewhat limited in the their abilities but  they are a cost effective way to put more ships at sea. At 445' long and 45' wide they are larger than the typical WW II destroyer, but pack more punch and are able to defend against more threats. They are armed with one 76 mm 62 cal Mk 75 main gun,  4 .50 cal machine guns, 1 Mk 13 Mod 4 launcher for the GDC Standard SM-1MR missiles. In addition she carries  4 Harpoons,  1 CIWS 20 mm 76 cal. Mk 15 Vulcan Phalanx ( RAM CIWS may be fitted later), and  6  Mk 32 torpedoes in two triple tubes firing 24 Mk 46 torpedoes. This kit depicts a short hull version of the ship so she only operated two SH-2G LAMPS Mk I Helo's. The Long hull version can operate the SH-60B LAMPS III. This kit was originally offered by Skywave and reflects the same high quality as is typical of the Pitroad kits.
The hull is nicely molded and has the long graceful lines of the OHP class frigate. There is a separate bow insert that fits into the bow section nicely with just a light sanding of the sprue gates. The stern is a separate part, I assume that this is so a long hull version can be built from the same mold. The superstructure walls and upper deck are well detailed with plenty of surface items such as doors, piping, and vents cast in place. A light wash will really bring out these details. The masts look good and are to scale and can be used as is, though the front cross bracing is omitted to simplify the mold.  Also included on this sprue is a Pegasus Class Hydrofoil that is a nice kit by itself. click images
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The kit includes a weapons sprue with a number of modern weapons, radar's and an SH-3 and SH-60 helo. You will have plenty of left over parts, but these can be used on other kits so put them away for later. 
.A lower hull and stand has been added since the Dragon has taken over production of this kit for those of you that like to display your ships out of their natural element!
The decal sheet is included with markings for the short hull ships 7, and 9-20, as well as the three Australian ships, 01-03. Helo deck markings and warning circles are also included. There is a US and an RAN flag included but the US version has to much red showing and might not be acceptable to all modelers. 
The instructions include 6 pages (one of which is shown for example) with several exploded views showing the placement of the parts. There is also a painting guide for US and Australian Ships including the Hydrofoil and the SH-60's. 

For those who want to super detail their ship, Flagship Models makes a Photo Etch set (#700-3) specifically for this ship. Gold Medal Models and Toms Modelworks also make railings and radar's to fit this ship.


This was a great kit when Skywave first released it, now with a lower hull it has even more value. List price of this kit is around $14.00, and it can still be found at most well stocked hobby shops, or some of the fine mail order shops on the mail page.