Lee 1/300 USS Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate
Review by Ian MacCorquodale

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The Lee Perry Class Frigate kit comes with parts to create Australian, and Taiwanese versions in addition to the American standard. Upon opening the box, you will find a well-moulded kit with little flash, and reasonably well moulded parts with the exception of sink holes in some of the smaller parts. The first thing I observed was the complete lack of a decal sheet, inconvenient, but can be remedied with spare decals from your past kits, or the aftermarket 1/350 sheets from GMM. While not being terribly accurate regarding scale, I found them suitable, and within reason.

 The hull is a well formed, extended transom variant. Several key elements have been neglected, specifically; no towed array, Nixie fittings, or auxiliary propulsion pods are included. No scribed waterline is evident. The hull is configured to accept a small motor, which is provided, as is the case in many of Lee's offerings. The instruction sheets are generally easy to understand visually, the English translations however, are quite another matter, in some cases providing comic relief. Strakes should be added inside the bow extensions, and two small pinholes should be drilled in both port and starboard extensions as appropriate to your research materials.

 I found the fit of the deck with the hull outstanding, with little need for filling. The parts on whole were very well designed, fitting together with a minimum of prep work. The superstructure is straightforward, with only a minor warp to contend with, and slight filling is required. There are raised flat panels approximating the watertight doors, and brass was applied. The helo netting is a poor approximation, being solid cast and attached on to the lip of the hull. This is my sore point with the kit, I think they could have done it better.

 The funnel, 76mm, and STIR platforms go on in a breeze, However the Phalanx is a little odd looking, and careful attention must be paid to the underscaled barrel when cut from the sprue, (I spent an hour searching for mine on a grey carpet.) The lattice mast assemblies tended to split when cutting from the sprue. The SPS 49 radar screen is solid cast, and in my opinion detracts greatly from the kits finished appearance. Satcom terminals are a little bland, but suffice. For those building the Taiwanese Version, Two Bofors 2 40mm/70 AA mounts, and 2 quad canister launchers for Hsiung Feng II SSM are included. 

I added several antennae, support members in the wings, and I used spare railings from an old kit disaster to round the OHP. The ship is presented "All Dressed".

 I thoroughly enjoyed this kit, and while it's not "Technically Accurate", it looks great in my display case and that's what it's all about. Bring on the Lee! (and the decals!)


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