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1/700 USS McCloy
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Bronstein Class Frigate
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS McCloy was the second unit of the Bronstein Class, a new class designed to for ASW operations and as escorts. Though there were only two ships in this class, the lesson learned were applied to succeeding ships. Both ships were transferred to Mexico in the early 90's and continue to serve today. JAG has modeled her in her as built configuration as her aft 3" single mount was replaced by a towed sonar array later in her career. 
This latest release comes nicely packed in the distinctive "JAG" tube for extra protection with the hull was secured with bubble wrap to prevent it from moving around inside the container. The extra parts and photo etch are tucked neatly inside with the instructions rolled up and inserted inside.
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The hull is nicely cast in one piece with the superstructure molded on. I've yet to see a JAG kit that has a casting flaw and this one is no exception. My sample lays perfectly flat and wont need anything other than some light sanding on the bottom to remove the excess resin. There is quite a bit of surface detail cast on, so there is no need for any aftermarket parts to fix it up.
I compared the hull to the drawings in Norman Freedman's US Destroyers an Illustrated Design History and they appear to match. The kit matches the 371' length and the 40' beam is right on as well. 
The gun turrets and missile launchers are cast on a paper thin resin sheet, and boats, davits and other resin parts are attached to a sprue with minimum of flash. The photo etch fret includes all rails and radar parts to finish the kit.
The decal sheet has numbers for both ships in the class,  as well as other miscellaneous markings  including deck striping and flags. The images are all well registered.
The instructions consist of the front of a "B" size sheet (11" x 17"), showing an exploded view and a parts list, specifications and history There is an elevation of the ship on this same sheet. So far all the other JAG kits I have reviewed used the front and back of the instructions, except this one. This is the one weak point in the kit, more information is needed as the average modeler will not have a good reference on this ship. 

Conclusions: Excellent casting and a subject that most companies would ignore. The Bronstein class Frigates are nice looking ships, I applaud JAG to tackling these lesser known subjects. I look forward to seeing some of the other Frigates covered as well.

Thanks to Gene Largado and Tom Gardner of JAG for the review sample

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