Reviewed by Sean Hert

The Type 205 class of submarines was the first really successful class of subs produced in Post-War Germany. This class of small diesel-electrics saw service with both the German Bundesmarine and the Royal Danish Navies.

The Type 205 was an evolution of the Type 201, which was deemed a failure- the 201's were constructed with a non-magnetic steel that had a high failure rate in surface. The Type 205's were a lengthed and updated 201, constructed without the tempermental steels of the 201. Advances in metallurgy and modern welding led to the superior Type 206 class, a slightly improved Type 205 constructed from non-magnetic steels.

This kit is of the Type 205 A; a variant on the Type 205. There were six members of this class, which has the primary difference of an improved hull-mounted sonar and larger conning tower.


A standard OKB sub; single piece full hull, cast on a central sprue, and a separate resin prop hub. The hull of the sub has some slight machining/sanding artifacts, but some light sanding should smooth it out nicely.


Two small photoetch frets are included; a fret with dive planes and a seven-bladed scimitar prop, and a fret with a display stand.

Normal, single page OKB instructions.

Available from Pacific Front Models, this kit retails for $7.95. Thanks to OKB for this review sample.