Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The German U-boat was one of the most feared weapons of WW2. They came in many styles, one of the most common being the Type 7. This new HP kit represents the Type VIIb U-boat U-83. The kit can depict the sub at any time from 41 to 43. 
The hull on this kit is cast as one piece on a thin resin wafer. There is not a whole lot of surface detail, but the shape looks accurate. The conning tower is also pretty basic, but not bad when you consider how small these parts are. Three guns are included, two deck guns and one for the conning tower. The U-83 only needs two so you can keep the other as a spare. The instructions specify to make the periscope out of a piece of wire.
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The instructions are three sheets with a plan and elevation view and exploded views of the assembly. There is a color camo drawing showing the U-83 in Feb. 1942.

A nice little kit and simple enough that it would make a good first resin kit for a beginner. HP makes a variety of German U-boats in 1/700 scale. This one is listed at $13.00 on the Pacific Front Website with a new secure online shopping cart system.