reviewed  November 2017
by Timothy Dike

The Type 205 class of submarines were German diesel-electric's designed to operate in the  shallow waters of the Baltic Sea. They were an improvement over the Type 201 and are regarded as Germany's first successful class of subs produced in Post-War era. The superior Type 206 class was an improved version constructed from non-magnetic steels.

The Type 205's served in the German Navy and the Royal Danish Navy from around 19622005. Their sucessor the Type 206's served in the German Navy from 19732011. Four were sold to the Colombian Navy, two operaste as  Intrépido (ex-U23) and Indomable (ex-U24) and are still operating to this date. The others were for spare parts.

This new kit from NNT includes two Type 205 Mod, and two Type 206A subs. Two dock sections with details are also included.
The four subs are well cast water line style complete with everything accept the periscope and snorkel.  There's only a trace of flash along the water line that'll be easy to remove.  The conning tower is nicely detailed with locator holes for the periscope and snorkel.
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Type  206A
Type 205 mod
Metal wire is supplied to fashion the radar masts and periscopes.  The snorkels are cast in resin.  Other details include wooden planks to go between the subs and the pier and four street light assemblies to mount on the docks.
Two pier sections are well cast with bits on the deck and ladders over the side.
There are hull numbers for 24 different subs as well as 4 flags.
Instructions are in German but the illustrations are sufficient to show where everything goes.
These are crops from a diorama made by Reiner Vögel showing the Tender A-56 Lech together with U13 and U14, made from this kit.
There are a lot of possibilities with this sub set.  They would make a cool diorama or nice individual subs to go along with your German cold war fleet.

This is set #NNT70024 Deutsche U-Boote Typ 205mod und 206A with a list price of 30,00 € or about $35.00 US. You can order yours direct from NNT.