Heller  1/400 Prinz Eugen

German Heavy Cruiser
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The German Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen was a member of the Hipper Class Heavy Cruiser. Weighing in at 12,000 tons empty with a Maximum displacement of 19,000 tons, these were among the largest cruisers built. The Prinz Eugen had an overall length of 654 feet and a beam of over 69 feet. The Prinz Eugen is best known for having accompanied the Bismarck on her last voyage. together the two ships sunk the HMS Hood and damaged the HMS Prince of Wales. The Prinz Eugen separated from the Bismarck as planned and later returned to Brest in occupied France. She survived the war only to be sunk following an atomic bomb explosion test at Bikini Atoll 25 July 1946.
The hull is molded in two halves and fit together well. The deck is one piece saving you from having to fill in the seams. There is plenty of surface detailing represented including hatches and other deck fittings. 
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Superstructure parts consist of separate walls with a deck level completing the assembly. There is a wide variety of detail with well molded gun turrets and miscellaneous fittings.

plastic handrails are included, a nice touch but they are over scale and are best replaced with photo etch rails. Brass chain is included to simulate the anchor chain.

Instructions consist of booklet with plenty of step by step views of the entire process. These are very well done and should leave no doubt as to where everything goes. A nice decal sheet is included with nicely registered decals and other markings including the ships crest.


 A nice kit with plenty of detailing possibilities, these kits are available at most hobby shops and with a little photo etch the results can be quite nice.

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