Airfix 1/600 Scale Narvik Class German Destroyer
Review by Ian Wilkins

You can see this model in the Photo Gallery

This is a nice, highly detailed kit. Sharply moulded there are some exquisite little details such as cranes for mine handling gear, and depth charge throwers. The deck moulding is fantastic with mine rails and paravanes moulded on which look great when dry brused to make them stand out. The entire hull deck unit looks quite impressive whenm assembled and painted. This vessel carried a large number of light 20 mm AA and the representations of these in the kit are not so good due to the difficulties of moulding such small items. They are best replaced with White Ensign Models 20 mm oerlikons. My Narvik is nearly finished and I hope to come up with a better looking quad 20mm as well. Some of the superstructure components need some work with the file to tidy up and there is an awkward seam on the bridge front. Overall though a nice highly detailed kit that's easy to build.