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Reviewed by Sean Hert
The eight ships of the Bremen class were designed as convoy escorts for the Bundesmarine during the Cold War, and are still in service today. They have been modernized extensively over their 30 years of service. The Bremen class is scheduled for replacement by the F125 class, around 2010. 

Köln was the fifth ship of the class, laid down at Blohm und Voss in 1980. 
  • Length: 130 m 
  • Beam: 14.4 m 
  • Draft: 6.3 m 
  • Displacement: 3600 t 
  • Armament: 
    • 1 8-cell Sea Sparrow Launcher 
    • 2x4 Harpoon Launcher 
    • 1 OTO-Melara 76mm DP gun 
    • 2x2 324mm TT launchers 
    • 2 Sea Lynx Helicopters 
  • Complement: 219 with 26 officers 
The kit is a waterline version and has no lower hull. Most of the superstructure is cast in place. The hull is very well cast and the detailing looks great. There is some minor flash on the waterline, but the rest of the hull is perfect. The deck fittings are very fine, and intact! The hanger door is nicely done, and the hanger itself is square and true. 
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The bridgeworks, foremast, Oto-Melara, flightdeck and Sea Sparrow launcher are cast on a single wafer, with all other detail parts on sprues. I particularly like the Sea Lynx and the RHIB. 
The details are all nicely done, with little to no flash. The decoy launchers are delicate and detailed. You get plenty of life boat canisters, as some are sure to be lost in transit.  Buildup from NNT website
Buildup from NNT website
Buildup from NNT website Buildup from NNT website
There is one fret of photoetch, and it has many details; masts and supports, helipad netting, and life boat canister supports to name a few. The outer railings are not included as most modelers usually have plenty of these in their spare parts box.
Decals include warning circles and helo deck markings. Flags are included as well.
The instructions are in German, and could be improved. Granted, there's not as much to a modern ship, but I would like a bit more.

This is kit # NNT 70014 with a retail price of  $77.62 US or 62.00.00 Euros. Thanks to NNT Modell for the review sample, check their online website for NNT kits and more.

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