HP Models  Planned Light Cruiser "M"

Reviewed August 2015
by Timothy Dike
The German M class cruisers was intended to be a long range commerce raider. The ships were supposed to be an improvement over previous designs.  However they had problems attaining the goals set before them.  Main armament was to be 8 x 15 cm (5.9 in) guns in four twin turrets.  The contract for cruiser M was awarded and construction was started but only the keel was laid.  Construction was eventually halted and the hole was broken up.  Had the ship actually been built the designation cruiser M would've been changed to the appropriate ship name.
HP Models has recreated this shipped in 1/700 scale based on the intended configuration of the ship.
The hull is cast water line style with nice deck planking and other detaiilng.  The locations for the torpedo launchers is cast open.  The only flash, on the casting is along the water line.
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These parts are cast on thin resin wafers and are pretty well cast. Detail looks pretty good, and the structures are cast with well defined shapes. The funnels look nice, but are not hollowed out.
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Weapons and fittings vary in quality. Some are somewhat generic in shape but otherwise well cast. The Ardo 196 float plane is cast on a thin resin wafer.  Some trimming in cleanup will be needed here.
The 5.9 inch main gun barrels are CNC turned out of Brass.  They have mounting pins but are not center drilled on the ends.
German flags are printed on paper and are historically accurate instead of politically correct. Previous versions did not include the Swastika and you have to draw your own if you wanted it. These are much better.
The instructions are front and back of a two sheets with plan and elevation, and an exploded view of the assembly. Lengths for most parts are shown so you can fabricate them correctly. You will have to supply your own as most of these parts are not included in the kit.
If you're a fan of German navy ships this cruiser M designing will make a nice comparison with other ships are actually built.

My kit came from Pacific Front Hobbies/FreeTime Hobbies they carry the HP Models line. Be sure to check online store for this and the complete line of HP Models.

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