1/700 Dodo Models FGS Braunschweig F260, K130 Corvette of the German Navy
Reviewed February 2016
by Ayala Botto
The real ship:
The K130-class corvettes design of the German Navy is based on proven MEKO A-class frigates and corvettes concept and were designed with stealth features, low draft, and highly automated weapons and defence systems to support littoral warfare and particularly for operations of a multi-national crisis reaction force.
Length: 89.12 m
Width: 12.80 m
Displacement:  1840t
Propulsion: 2 diesel-engines,7.4MW each, driving 2 controllable pitch propellers
Speed: >26kts
Range: over 2500nm at 15kts
Endurance: 7 days (without tender), 3 weeks (with tender)
TRS-3D multifunction radar
2x Raytheon Marine Pathfinder ST mk2 navigation radars operating at E, F and I bands
MSSR 2000 i IFF system
MIRADOR electro-optical sensors
Communications: Link 11 and Link 16
Electronic warfare & decoys: 2x TKWA/MASS decoy launcherUL 5000 K ESM suite
Complement: 1 commander, 10 officers, 16 chief petty officers, 38 enlisted
1 x Oto-Breda 76mm/62-caliber DP gun (3-inches);
2 x MLG27 27mm light naval gun system (remotely operated);
2 x Mk-49 missile launching system for RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missiles (RAM);
4 × RBS-15 Mk.3 Anti-ship missiles;
Mine laying capability; 2 mine racks of 34 naval mines Mk 12;

Helicopter pad and hangar for two Camcopter S-100 UAV. This heli pad of this corvette can operate helicopters (no hangar space anyway), like the Lynx, NH-90 or Sea King in use by the Deutsche Marine (German Navy).

List of all 5 ships of the K130 class corvette (named with German city names):

  • F260     Braunschweig
  • F261     Magdeburg 
  • F262     Erfurt 
  • F263     Oldenburg 
  • F264     Ludwigshafen
More information:
The kit includes:
  • Single piece waterline resin hull;
  • Sprues with all resin parts (2x);
  • Complete PE set;
  • Decal sheet for the lead ship of this class;
  • Instruction sheet;
  • COA Ė Certificate of Authenticity.
This kit is cast as a single piece waterline resin hull, with excellent and complete moulded details in a very smooth surface, with air vents, Hangar door, watertight doors, among others details accurately represented.The AFT Mast is part of the main resin hull part and the helicopter deck is accurately represented.
K130Braunschweig-08 K130Braunschweig-09 K130Braunschweig-10 K130Braunschweig-11
K130Braunschweig-12 K130Braunschweig-13 K130Braunschweig-17 K130Braunschweig-18
Resin Parts:
The resin sprues include the necessary parts to apply on the hull, which include among others:
  • TRS-3D air and surface search radar;
  • Main FWD Mast;
  • Oto-Breda 76mm/62-caliber DP gun;
  • RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missiles (RAM);
  • RBS-15 Mk.3 Anti-ship missiles Canisters;
  • SAT Domes;
  • Gun Directors (2x);
  • MLG27 27mm light naval gun (2x);
  • RHIB;
  • Ship Boat cradles (1x);
  • Life Canisters ;
  • TKWA/MASS (Multi Ammunition Softkill System) decoy launcher (2x);
  • Anchors;
  • Etc.
K130Braunschweig-07 K130Braunschweig-14 K130Braunschweig-16
Photo Etch Set:

The photo etch set is absolutely fabulous for a model with just 12,7 cm / 5 inches length and itís so complete that Iíll just mention the following items:

  • Cradles for the RBS-15 Mk.3 Anti-ship missiles;
  • Anchor Chains
  • Blast deflectors for RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missiles (RAM);
  • Navigation Radars;
  • Highly detailed parts for the AFT and FWD masts (mast yards included among many other details);
  • Cradle for the liferafts;
  • Handling cranes to load and recover the RHIB and Ship Boat;
  • Whip antennas;
  • Safety nets;
  • Railings;
  • Vertical and inclined ladders;
  • etc.
The decal sheet provides hull numbers, hull badge, hello deck markings and jack just for the first ship of the class (F260 Braunschweig) as well as other items not usually included. The inclusion of additional pennant numbers and hull patches would had been appreciated by the modellers, that would have the opportunity to build any ship of the K130 class corvette.
Although the location of the decals is not mentioned, I'm pretty sure that won't be a problem as a lot of high-resolution photos of all ships of this class are available on the WEB by now.
  • Ship name plate;
  • Beware Bulb warning sign;
  • Bow thruster location sign;
  • Hull Ship Patches;
  • Hull and Stern Pennant Number;
  • Helicopter landing markings;
  • Jack.
Bearing in mind, the security red lines (around the RAM launchers, 76mm Gun and 27mm guns) are not included in the decal sheet. The alternative is to use decals spares from other kits.
K130Braunschweig-19 K130Braunschweig-20 K130Braunschweig-21 K130Braunschweig-22 K130Braunschweig-23
The instruction sheet included is very simple and clear, providing an easy and systematic approach to build this model, clearly pointing with accuracy the correct location of all resin and PE parts (and there a lot) needed to build this model. K130Braunschweig-00
K130Braunschweig-01 K130Braunschweig-02 K130Braunschweig-03 K130Braunschweig-04
Painting Scheme:
Although no specific colours references are mentioned in the instructions sheet, German Navy uses RAL 7000 (Fehgrau, Squirrel grey, Gris petit-gris, Gris ardilla, Grigio vaio, Pelsgrijs) for the hull and other "vertical" surfaces, deckhouses, masts, funnel, etc and RAL 7012(Basaltgrau, Basalt grey, Gris basalte, Gris basalto, Grigio basalto, Bazaltgrijs) for the decks.According with conversion colour tables available at Internet, Vallejo Model Colour 989 (Sky Grey) and Vallejo Model Colour 869 (Basalt Grey) could also be interesting alternative to paint this model.

This kit has a stunning casting quality, with a sharply rendered decal sheet, but does not include the helicopter Lynx neither the Camcopter S-100 UAV that usually operates aboard this stealth corvette.

The PE set is highly detailed and provides a fantastic opportunity to represent a highly accurate and impressive model at this scale.

The modern warships fans and in particular the German Navy fans has a unique chance to add a superb 1/700 model to their collection, thanks to Dodo Models!

Definitely a must have model in any 1/700 fleet (or stock pile)!

For more information about other models produced by Dodo Models, visit their website. In Europe, Dodo Models kits can also be found at NNT Modell.

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