Revell Germany 1/350 DKM Bismarck Peek

The following are photos of the new 1/350 DKM Bismarck from Revell Germany. I only had a few minutes with the kit, and so with a borrowed camera I took some quick photos. So, only a little sneak peek into the kit- sorry guys!

Molding is fairly crisp, but there was some flash in places. There are mold lines on the hull; looks like from the use of slide molds to achieve some hull details.

The portholes have little brows, which is a nice touch, but I found the molded on watertight doors to be very plain. Something else that let me down a little; the Ar-196's wings have raised panel lines.

There are a number of clear sprues included- looks like all the searchlights will have clear lenses!

The kit looks like it has a lot going for it- it is certainly looks to be an improvement over the current offerings . Retail on this kit is $99.99, but it should be cheaper at most retailers.