Dragon 1/350 DKM Scharnhorst
Parts Progress Update
Dragon 1/350 Scharnhorst
Dragon Dragon Dragon The Warship revolution is coming
Here's an update for those of you chomping at the bit to get your hands on a new Scharnhorst. There have had a few delays, but only because Dragon wanted to make things even better for the modeler. Among them is the inclusion of a DS plastic blast bag option for the main gun turrets. The photos below show the main weapons assembled by Master CAD Designer Rob McCune and the Dragon Engineering team. There is still a little fine tuning to do, but these are looking good!
I admit that in the beginning I was a big fan of clear parts for aircraft and other parts. But clear plastic is hard to work with and there is a smarter way to do that. Only mold what you need to be clear and leave the rest as the easy to work with gray styrene that we are all used to. The boats will have a separate windshield and the searchlights will have a clear lens. Dragon has taken advantage of slide molding to preserve the extra detailing and give you realistic parts right our of the box.
Searchlight and directors
This project will not be rushed. Dragon is taking it's time and doing it right. The results are proving to be worth the wait.

Pricing has not yet been confirmed. Details will be available here or at Dragon-Models.com soon.

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