1/2000 German Battleship Tirpitz


Reviewed May 2018
by Martin J Quinn
The battleship Tirpitz is well know to naval enthusiast and modelers.   The second ship of the Bismarck class, she had a short service life, mostly as a "fleet in being" in Norway, earning her the sobriquet "The Lone Queen of the North". 
Laid down in 1936, launched in 1939, she was commissioned in February 1941, but wasn't sufficiently worked up to join her sister Bismarck, on that ships foray into naval immortality, in May of the same year. 
Moved to Norway in 1942, Tirpitz spent the rest of her brief career - with the exception of the the abortive "Operation Rosselsprung" in July 1942 and the shelling of Spitzbergen in September, 1943 - hiding in various fjords to avoid detection and destruction.   She was damaged by mines laid by "X-craft" in September 1943, then heavily damaged by Royal Navy carrier aircraft in April 1944.   Finally, in November 1944, she was pulverized by "Tallboy" bombs dropped by Lancaster bombers from two RAF squadrons, capsized and sank in shallow water.     She was scrapped in place between 1948 and 1957. 

For more on Tirpitz, visit her Wikipedia page here, which is where this abridged history was pulled from. 

The Flyhawk Tirpitz

Flyhawk’s 1/2000 700 HMS Tirpitz comes in a small cardboard box with a photo of the completed, unpainted model on the cover.   The instructions are on the back, with color callouts on the side panel. 

The hull is a two part affair - an upper and lower hull.  The hull scales out pretty much perfectly in length and beam. 

There is lots of detail for a 1/2000 kit:  portholes, planking (planking?!), deck fittings, anchor chains, as well as molded on AA guns and torpedo tubes.   The lower hull has bilge keels and rudders molded as part of the hull. 

The majority of the superstructure is molded as one piece.  Detail is nice, with planking, the catapult, AA guns, splinter shields and vents all molded into the part. 
This little sprue contains the props and shafts, on large inserts that fit into the lower hull. 
Here you'll find the directors, superstructure parts, masts, boats, boat cranes, secondary and heavy AA armament, as well as the name plate. 
The main battery turrets, funnel (in two pieces) funnel cap, more ships boats and the display stand are here. 
The instructions are on the back of the box.  They are simple, but easy to follow.   The painting instructions are on the side of the box.   It appears to represent the Tirpitz in her final camouflage scheme on November 1944. 
This is a great little kit.   Dare I say "cute"?   The detail for 1/2000 is astounding.  Yes, certain allowances are made for the scale, and some parts are simplified.  But, planking?!  In 2000th scale?  Come on - now Flyhawk is just showing off. 

Need a break from one of Flyhawk's 1/700 beauties?  Want to build up your fleet, but don't have the room, or the time, to build something bigger?  Then the "pocket fleet" series might be for you.  With less than 50 parts, it shouldn't take long to put together.   In fact, it may take you longer to paint it.

This is Flyhawk’s 1/2000 Pocket Fleet kit of the German Battleship Tirpitz, kit number FH9002. The kit retails for $26.00, and is available from many of our fine sponsors.  Thanks to Flyhawk for the review sample.   Recommended.

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