Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The German Navy had some famous ships that saw action during World War Two. However working behind the scenes were hundreds of transports that often received no mention. These ships transported the supplies needed to fight the war. One such version was this two hold transporter measuring about 223 feet (67,97 m). Germany planned 54 of these little Kriegs Transporter KT-1 through 54. The Italian Navy was also interested in these ships, but two were commissioned by 1943. They were the Monte Cucco (ex KT-32), and Monte Grappa (ex KT-10). Most served in the Mediterranean and they paid a high price to enemy attacks. 
Delphis has created a nice little version of this kit that can be used to build any of the 54 ships of this class. The kit is all resin and is very well cast. The hull is cast in the waterline style and has quite a bit of detailing. The  bow gun mount has the anti skid tread cast onto the deck. Deck winches are also cast in place and are pretty well done.
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The superstructure is cast as one piece and is also well detailed. The gun mounts also include the tread plate cast on. Other nice details are the bridge wing stairways cast open and the grating on the raised bridge wing platforms.
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The small parts are pretty well done with just a light touch of flash. The vents came out pretty well, and the other items such as davits and ships boats look good. The weapons are nicely detailed, however two of the small gun barrels were broken off in shipping. These will be easy to fix with some plastic rod. 
The instructions are three pages with history and specs on page one. A plan and elevation on page two with parts breakdown and a German vs Italian comparison on the last page. The plan and elevation are pretty detailed with parts location noted. These are adequate to build the kit, but they could benefit from some 3D assembly views.

A nice little kit for anyone who wants to add transport capability to their waterline fleet. The casting is very good, and this kit should be an easy build even for a first time resin builder. For the experienced builder, it is a great starting point for a ship that will stand out among the Battleships and Carriers.

It is listed on the Delphis website for € 34,00 (about  $40.24 USD). You can buy direct from Delphis or one of their dealers such as Pacific Front Hobbies in the US, White Ensign Models in the UK, and NNT in Germany.