Reviewed by Timothy Dike

Here's something new and different from Harry @ Battlefleet. This German supply/Repair barge was inspired by Cedric Chan's excellent diorama. After seeing it, he just had to make a model of it, and as a result, we all can have one. Now we can't guarantee that yours will look as good as Cedrics, but this kit will give you the perfect starting point to build your own.

The barge is a generic representation of a German auxiliary repair barge. Consult your references for a specific prototype.

The hull on this kit is well cast  in waterline style with fine deck planking and a cargo hatch cast on the forward section. Anchor handling gear is well cast on the bow. The strakes on the hull are prominent and well rendered.  Click images
to enlarge
The superstructure parts are cast on wafers and runners in most cases with very little flash. The superstructure parts have nice window and door detailing. Separate chocks and vents are provided to add detail. A crane is provided with separate base, boom, and cab. Some light flash can be found on the anchors but this should be easy to cleanup with a sharp knife. 
The instructions are five pages with parts lists and images of the parts. They give you a pretty good idea of where things go, but I would have liked to see some line drawings with more exact placement. Keep in mind that this kit is not based on a specific ship, so you are free to arrange things as you see fit. I would refer to the excellent model by Cedric Chan for details.
Conclusions: Another unique subject captured in resin by Battlefleet Models. This one opens the door for more German Auxiliary ships in the future. It can be an easy one evening project or the base for a superdetailed little barge.

This kit is #BFM-726 DKM Supply/Repair Barge with a list price of $25.00.