Hobby Boss 1/700
USS Lassen DDG-82

Reviewed by Sean Hert
June 2013

The Arleigh Burke class of destroyers as been in service with the United States Navy for over 20 years now, in five primary versions, or "Flights";

  • Flight I (no helicopter hangar)
  • Flight II (like Flt I with improved electronics suite)
  • Flight IIa (helicopter hangars added, superstructure changes)
  • Flight IIa 5"/62 (5"/54 gun replaced with 5"/62 in a reduced signature mount)
  • Flight IIa 5"/62 no CIWS (Phalanx CIWS replaced with ESSM)

USS Lassen DDG-82 is the second ship of the 5"/60 variant of Flight IIa Arleigh Burkes class. She was built with the forward CIWS in place, and before reduced-signature stacks were equipped.


This kit has both full-hull and waterline options. The upper hull is smooth excepting the Masker belts, without the overscale "warts" seen on other kits. The lower hull fits the upper quite well, as does the waterline plate. The stern flap is molded onto the lower hull, but the Masker belts are not.

The main deck is also molded as one part, and fits into the upper hull quite cleanly. Some holes for mounting deck hardware will need to be opened, as is fitting for the requirements of this kit.


Sprue A has the twin screws for Lassen, as well as the sonar dome, shafts, the primary spar of the foremast and two deckhouses. The deckhouses are well detailed, but the shafts will need some careful cleanup.


There are two of this sprue included in the kit. This sprue contains items common to most members of this class of destroyers; RHIB's, Harpoon canisters, UNREP gear, director antennas and half of the parts for the model's display stand.


This combination of 5 "sprues" consist of the main superstructure, stack and bridge pieces. All are well detailed, and fit together will. "E2" shows some slight damage where the bulkheads fares into the hull, but this will rectify itself during final assembly.


This sprue has some parts unused for Lassen- deckhouses, stacks, and the Remote Minehunting System, but the helicopter deck, 5"/62 low-observability gunhouse and barrel, and some antennas are used.


This kit also include SH-60B's for your Lassen. There are two helo's included on this sprue, but only one each of deployed and stowed rotor blades.


Hobby Boss includes two frets of photoetch with this kit. Fret A has the yards and other parts to add to the foremast, and also the AEGIS SPY-1D antennas.

Fret B as some vent details, the hatches for both Mk 41 VLS's, and railings. In addition to the main deck railings, helo deck safety nets have also been included.


A sheet of decals is included, which contains draft markings and hull markings and US Flags.


A simple sheet of instructions, as well as a sheet of painting and decaling directions, are included.


Hobby Boss's USS Lassen is another great little Arleigh Burke class DDG. With the inclusion of some nice PE, this kit will build into a great representation of the class right out of the box. Hyper-detailers may want to add a brass main gun barrel, but not much else. Recommended!

Thanks to Squadron for the review sample. It is listed as #83412, with a MSRP $34.99. Hobby Boss' US importer is Squadron Products.