DML/Dragon's 1/700 Guided Missile Destroyer
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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Laid down in 1958 the Charles F. Adams class was an improvement over the ealier Forest Sherman Class Destroyer. They were the first purpose built Guilded Missile destroyers. In their time they were the most heavily armed destroyers afloat. At just over 4,500 tons loaded these ships were armed with 2 5in 54 Cal rapid firing guns, two Tartar missiles firing off a a twin launcher. In additon they carried a potent anti sub armament of eight ARROC's and six Mk 32 Torpedos. Charles F. Adams class destroyers numbered 23 ships and were also used by the German and Austrialian navies.
This kit has been around for a while, first released by Skywave, the molds were later sold to Dragon. Not content to just reissue it as is, a new lower hull was added. The detail is nice and sharp. The hull is one pice with a separate bow deck insert and a flat waterline bottom. There is a fair amount of surface detail on the deck and superstructure parts. The parts fit together nicely and will require only a little putty to hide the seams.

A separate sprue is included with parts to build the three Autrailain Perth Class ships.

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Weapons are from the Skywave USN Modern weapons sprue so you get a few extra's for the spare parts bin. 
A separate lower hull and stand are included for those who don't want to build a waterline version. A nameplate and base are included for mounting the ship.
Decals are provided for several ships in the class. Warning circles and helo deck marking are included. Flags and markings for US and HMAS ships are inlcuded.
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The instructions are eight pages of exploded views of both the US and HMAS ships. Step by step assemblies will make assembly a breeze. A painting guide is also included.


A great little kit for the money, about $20. Add the Flagship Models photo etch and this will make a great addition to your Cold War fleet. This kit has been reissued and is in stock now at Pacific Front Hobbies.