Skywave / Pitroad 1/700
DD-792 USS Callaghan Fletcher Class Destroyer
The Callaghan was a late war Fletcher class Destroyer with a square bridge and updated anti-aircraft armament. This kit is Pit-Roads update to the original Fletcher class destroyer that Skywave produced with it's other well known 1/700 Waterline accessory sets. The hull is a little more detailed with some things now included as separate detail like the stern gun tub that could either mount three 20 mm guns or one twin 40 mm mount, a welcome touch. There are two different bridge structures included with a tall and short (cut down) bridge window insert. The short coming of this kit is the 5" 38 cal guns, they are too small and shaped wrong. Skywave later produced a weapons set with the correct gun turrets, it was the E-6 Weapons set. This set is being retooled to perfect some of it's shortcomings based on the work going into the new Benson and Gleaves class destroyers now in the works. Click on the 
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The real bonus in this kit is this second sprue with even more bridge options and other parts for late and post war Fletchers. One could even make a FRAM conversion out of these parts. The tripod mast is well formed as are the AROC launcher. click to enlarge
The decal sheet has numbers for most of the Fletchers and even has some of the unique funnel decals for some of the various Fletchers that sailed. Ships names are included for post war ships.
The instructions are fairly well done, and show where the parts go that are used for wartime Fletchers.  Unfortunately they make no mention of the extra parts supplied in this kit. If your looking to do a post war ship, you will have to compare photo's and plans to determine what parts you will need. In all fairness this kit does not claim to be for a post war Fletcher such as the FRAM conversions. 

On the back of the sheet are camouflage designs typical of the various Fletchers such as the LA Vallette DD-448, Heerman DD-532, and Killen DD-593.

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One the back of the box is the box art showing the Callaghan in an overall haze gray scheme.