Reviewed by Timothy Dike
This kit contains resin, white metal, and photo etch parts. The hull is well cast as a full hull with a resin runner along the bottom. There are no bubbles or voids to fill on this casting and it is almost ready to paint right out of the box.
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Deck detail and items such as port holes and hatches are well defined and stand out. Some of the aft superstructure is cast in place. The rails that run the length of the ship are well molded and stand out against the deck. The deck plumbing is sharp and well defined. The various deck winches are nicely detailed and will look great with a light wash to bring out the details.
The major superstructure parts are cast in resin. All are cast in the open face method with a slight over pour that will have to be sanded away on the bottom. The kit includes a newer style bridge that is pretty plain in appearance, but then so is the real one. 
The funnels are nicely shaped with a nice hollowed out top that will save you a bit of drilling. The plumbing details are included on the outside.
The main gun turrets are well cast and appear to match the shape of these dual purpose gun mounts. White metal gun barrels are used.
A full set of mines are included to mount along the deck.
White metal castings are very well done for the most part. The quality ranges from average to exceptional on the many parts included. Some parts have a bit of flash but nothing objectionable. The twin and quad 40 mm guns are very well done and include the injection molded barrels that are probably the best detailed on the market. There are even scale Pelorus mounts and some really nice directors.
The photo etch included with this kit is very extensive. Everything you need to finish this kit is included. Railing are custom made to fit the kit and have nice relief etched netting included. Yardarms, Radar's and other items are all there. The parts are not made generically, they are tailored to the kit. I like the raft netting that is designed to be attached to the bottom of the cast metal rafts. These are the most realistic I have found in any other kits.
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Many small items that I normally end up scratchbuilding are included on the fret. A separate fret with DM specific items is included as well. 
Decals are provided and are what you would expect from someone who works with MicroScale. The colors are sharp and perfectly registered. Aircraft numbers and roundels are included with Flags and hull numbers.
Instructions are eight pages with History and several plan and elevation renderings showing parts placement. They are very well done and most modelers wont have any problems with them, but I would like to see a few 3D views to help clearly show parts placement.
A camosheet is included to show the dazzle markings the ship wore late in WW2.


This is a nice kit of one of a unique subject. Everything you need is included in this kit except paint and rigging. I would not recommend it for a beginner, but anyone who has build plastic ships with photo etch should be able to build this one. 

YKM-35109 with a retail price of $129.95, a good price for such a complete kit. Thanks to Yankee Modelworks for providing the review sample.