Neptun Metal Model
The Allen M. Sumner class was follow-up to the successful Fletcher class. They carried six 5"-38 cal in the new dual purpose twin turrets and had dual rudders for more maneuverability. 
This kit by Neptun represents the USS Allen M Sumner after she was in 1944. This is a typical fit for the first Sumner class destroyers. Later ones had the aft torpedo tubes replaced by additional anti aircraft guns. This ship is detailed to a level that is typical of kits in larger scales. The mast is only a single pole with no yard arm and radar. These are items that can be added by the modeler, but are often left off of ships this small. Click images
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Painted in gray with black funnel top with the interior of the whale boat painted brown it will look right at home alongside other destroyers in this series. There are even position lights painted green and red on either side of the bridge. Collectors will probably be happy with the standard gray, but modelers will probably want to paint her in more realistic wartime camo.

 This is kit #1360   Allen M. Sumner Destroyer  1944 and sells for $25.95 not a bad price for a detailed miniature like this. Special thanks to Morning Sunshine Models for the review sample. In case you haven't noticed they have a huge selection of ships at great prices.