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The USS Buchanan is arriving to take General MacArthur  and his staff
out to the USS Missouri for the signing of the surrender agreement.
Dragon 1/350 USS Buchanan DD-484 Preview
Dragon Dragon Dragon The Warship revolution is coming
If you haven't planned on attending the Dragon Expo held in conjunction with the IPMS Nationals. Here's a good reason to change your plans. a division of Dragon Models is producing a limited edition version of the USS Buchanan as modernized for late war service. In 1945 the USS Buchanan has the honor of transporting General Douglas MacArthur  and his staff to the Missouri to accept the surrender of Japan on behalf of all the Allied nations. So with a history like that, it would be a shame not to produce this version of the Buchanan. 

This new version will be available as a limited release at the Dragon Expo 2008. Any kits left over after the show will be made available online thru or

Here we have Douglas MacArthur, two staff members and sailors in two poses. These figures will be included in this special edition kit. They are 1/350 scale and detailed right down to the uniforms. MacArthur stands a scale 6'6" tall a little larger than life but not really noticeable in this scale.

This new kit will include the basic 1942 Buchanan with some new parts to allow you to build a 1944-45 Buchanan. Below are some views of the promotional poster that show these new parts. The most notable new item are the figures that include non other than Douglas MacArthur himself and his staff. The figures are amazing in detail, no flat gumby figures here. Walkway decals are included to give the deck some detail. This kit will feature the newly tooled 40 mm twin mounts that are simply the best in plastic. These will include photo etch sites and seats. A brand new aft superstructure deck included the gun tubs to mount them in. 
The Buchanan had some extra 20 mm guns on her bridge wing and in a centerline gun tub in front of the bridge. The bridge wing gun tubs are newly tooled in plastic. When the centerline tub was added, the port and starboard gun tubs were moved out to give a better field of fire. These are done in photo etch, and before you complain about having to form the tubs. Let me add that a new plastic forming tool is provided to get the perfect shape. SK and SG radar is mounted instead of SA, and the old K-gun racks are replaced by more modern ones.

Price will be about the same as the current Buchanan kit.