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Dragon 1/700 Benson class destroyer launched.
Dragon 1/700 USS laffey
Dragon Dragon Dragon The Warship revolution is coming
Just two years ago Dragon Models shook up the ship modeling world with some stunning 1/350 Smart kits. Now it's time to shake up the 1/700 market with their first Smart Kits in my favorite scale. Here are the first promotional images from Dragon of their first release in this scale. This kit started with the same CAD that the popular 1/350 USS Laffey was produced from. Details were scaled down and adjusted for the smaller scale. Many of the features of the larger kit were retained such as realistic deck camber and the extensive use of slides to produce a nearly seamless main gun turret. That's right you will now have proper upper and lower 5" 38 cal gun turrets. The turrets will feature a choice of movable barrels or fixed ones with blast bags molded on. Separate details such as searchlights, torpedo directors,  5" practice loading machine, and aft steering gear are all molded as separate parts. K-guns and are molded separate from the storage racks. The funnels will include separate external piping and photo etch ladders and other details. 
Lot of other features from the 350 kit will be included. But as the late Billy Mays would say; "Wait there's more!!!" The kit features two complete hulls, one waterline and one full hull. You will be able to build one waterline kit and one full hull kit. Markings for sister ship USS Woodworth and other similar ships will be included. Please note final details on this kit have not yet been made. Stay tuned for info as it develops.

Pricing has not yet been confirmed. Details will be available here or at soon.